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Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

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  1. Power One Accu Plus Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312
  2. Power One Accu Plus Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13
  3. Power One Accu Plus Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10

3 Item(s)

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries offer an innovative alternative to disposable cells. 

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries from Power One

Replace your conventional, standard battery with rechargeable hearing aid batteries. Power One is currently the only manufacturer in the world to provide the popular sizes of rechargeable cells. Shop the most popular battery sizes including 10, 13, and size 312. 

Alternatively, browse our complete collection of hearing aid batteries here. 

Rechargeable Power at your Fingertips

During their lifecycle, each rechargeable hearing aid battery has the potential to replace up to 57 standard cells. With each pack of rechargeable hearing aid batteries, you can expect:

  • Two mercury-free cells
  • Environmentally friendly batteries
  • Fully recharged in two hours
  • Color-coded to easily identify the size

The rechargeable batteries we supply are suitable for many devices makes and models. However, not every hearing aid is suitable for rechargeable batteries due to high energy consumption.

Which Batteries are Best?

Battery choice may be down to preference or brand loyalty. With a vast market and plenty of choices, it is always worth investing time in finding the right batteries that suit your needs and your device. If you are uncertain on which batteries to try, our blog provides some essential readings to help you out:


Our trial packs include a variety of batteries from a mix of brands so you can sample the power to identify which ones work the best. Whether it be your first ever battery buy or your regular purchase, we've got you covered.

Prefer to be battery-free? Check out our rechargeable hearing aid range.

What to Expect from Hearing Direct

We are dedicated to improving the life quality of the hard of hearing. Amplified items are crucial to effectively managing hearing loss and we supply hearing aids all over the world for those with mild to moderate impairments. 

Furthermore, our expert team is always on hand should you have any rechargeable hearing aid batteries questions.