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HD 211 Digital Hearing Aid

Regular Price: $299.00

Special Price $239.00

The HD 211 – exceptionally small and comfortable to wear

The HD 211 digital hearing aid is one of the smallest mini behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids available, with micro tubing that is almost invisible to the eye. Hydro coating ensures the device is moisture resistant for added durability. With its open design and the added benefit of dynamic speech enhancement, the HD 211 provides a natural sound and is both comfortable to wear and easy to use. Programmable according to your individual audiogram, this hearing aid promises to be an appealing option for those who seek to benefit from excellent technology at an affordable price.

Why buy the HD 211 from HearingDirect?

  • We offer great value for money - with our competitive pricing. As an online business, we have far fewer overheads than those on the high street. As such, we can pass those savings on to our customers.
  • Complimentary access to a qualified hearing aid audiologist - means that you can ask for advice and guidance on any number of hearing-related questions before purchasing a hearing aid. If it’s a performance or fitting related issue, a member of our team can help.
  • A simple and effective delivery service - place your order today, either online or via our phone service, and receive your hearing aid within a few days.
  • A 30-day money back guarantee - enables you to buy with confidence. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can return the device within 30-days and receive a full refund.

Special features of the HD 211:

Not only is this incredibly small mini BTE barely visible when worn, it’s designed to be exceptionally comfortable and easy to use. With advanced noise reduction technology, unwanted background interference is kept at bay while the volume can be increased or decreased to fit with your environment. Dynamic speech enhancement clarifies speech by heightening soft sounds and reducing louder sounds to a more balanced level. Suitable for those with a mild to moderate hearing loss, it offers the wearer all the benefits of some excellent digital sound technology.

Key Features:

  • A mini behind-the-ear (BTE) digital hearing aid
  • Suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Programmable by HearingDirect
  • Hydro-guard – means it is water and dirt resistant
  • A discreet, almost invisible design
  • Benefits from digital sound technology
  • Noise reduction facility to reduce unwanted background interference
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Dynamic Speech Enhancement
  • 12 months manufacturer's warranty
  • Low battery indicator
  • 30-day money back guarantee

The HD 211 digital hearing aid is the upgraded model of our ever popular HD 210. Note that in order to change volume programs, you need to press and hold the volume button for 2 seconds.

What's included with your hearing aid?

  • Pack of 6 size 10 batteries – each battery will last an average of 4 days
  • Medium sized tubing (size 1) in left or right with an open dome size 7mm on the end
  • Sample tulip dome 
  • Sample power dome 
  • Cleaning brush (please note the magnet on the end to help with battery removal)

If you have sent us your audiogram in advance the HD210 will be programmed with 4 volume settings based on your audiogram:

  • Setting 1 is set 2dB softer than the software’s recommendation for the audiogram to give a softer option on startup.
  • Setting 2 is as per audiogram recommendation.
  • Setting 3 is 2-3dB louder than setting 2.
  • Setting 4 is 2-3dB louder than setting 3.

If you do not have an audiogram; our default setting, suitable for a mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss is used to create the 4 settings. 

To summarize:

If you’re looking for a discreet, simple hearing solution at an affordable price, this mini behind-the-ear hearing aid is well worth considering. It’s comfortable to wear and offers you the opportunity to share in those sounds that make up everyday life.

It's supplied with a twelve-month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can return it within this period and receive all of your money back. It’s that simple.

If you like the idea of a BTE hearing aid, but prefer more features, you could consider the HD 360, our mid-range model, or the HD420 for more advanced technology.

Customer Reviews

  1. Still going!

    by Joe Adair on 3/3/2018

    It's over a week now since I've received my Hd 211's and I'm still in awe. A few days ago I was in my back yard and heard water trickling into a brook in my front yard, which was approximately 100 feet away. Out of curiosity I took off my Hd 211's and I could not hear the water trickling. I put the hearing aids back on and could hear the water tricking again. I can also hear birds singing, crickets chirping, and frogs croaking. It's amazing being able to hear the little things that I haven't been able to hear for years. Of course, voices are crucial, in which I'm glad to once again be able to hear my soft spoken daughter with clarity, as well as other female voices that I used to really struggle with. If there were more stars it would still be at the top of the chart. For someone on a budget looking for quality at a good price look no further. This is it. In addition, I love the small size for discretion.
    Star Rating
  2. Awesome experience and product

    by Joe Adair on 2/22/2018

    The entire process of my purchasing experience was beyond expectations. Richard Hillier was the audiologist who I spoke with, and he was very helpful and patient in assisting me. I purchased a set of the HD 211's this past Friday using the standard shipping and I received them today. I noticed a difference the moment that I put them on. I would highly recommend this product.
    Star Rating

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