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  1. AmpliVOICE50
  2. Geemarc CL7350 OptiClip Wireless TV Listener
  3. Geemarc LH 20
  4. SBB500SS
  5. AmpliDECT350

    Geemarc AmpliDect 350 Amplified Cordless Telephone

    Regular Price: $154.99

    Special Price $144.99


  6. CL7350 additional headset - Assistive Listening Devices
  7. Geemarc CL7350 Opti Wireless TV Listener - Assistive Listening Devices
  8. Geemarc VISO10 Day/Date Clear Display Clock
  9. Geemarc CL7350 OptiClip Additional Headset
  10. Geemarc V2T-10 Voice to Text Converter
  11. AmpliVOICE50
  12. AmpliVOICE50

1-12 of 17

Geemarc amplified phones and extra loud alarm clocks are here to help improve the lifestyles of the hard of hearing.

Specialising in communications equipment for the deaf and hearing impaired, Geemarc is committed to providing high-quality products to assist the day-to-day living for those with hearing loss.  

Geemarc amplified phones provide high levels of amplification, super loud ringers and voice volume, all without compromising on clarity. With a range of telephones designed with hearing loss in mind, Geemarc is one of the most popular brands to consider for a super loud phone. 

Their extra-loud alarm clocks are also designed with the hard of hearing in mind as well as the hard to wake! This includes a number of clocks with super shakers, powerful alarms, and vibration pads to provide a proper wake-up call. 

Geemarc is a leading manufacturer of assistive listening devices and has been leading their field since 1974. Our Geemarc product range offers leading functionally which has been refined by the Geemarc engineers for over thirty years, whilst retaining a contemporary design and attractive appearance.