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Starkey SoundLens Synergy 2000

Our price
Our price includes
  • Full hearing test and examination
    Registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Fitting and programming
  • VAT Inclusive
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare
    Throughout life of the hearing aid(s)
  • 60 day full money back guarantee
    if not completely satisfied
For more information, call us now on
0800 015 2566

Key Features

  • 20 Sound Processing Channels
  • 10kHZ Bandwidth
  • Bluwave 4.0 processor
  • 5 Personalised Levels
  • 8 dB Noise Reduction


SoundLens – the smallest, invisible-in-canal hearing aids available

Tiny yet incredibly powerful, the SoundLens Synergy i2000 from Starkey is a mid-range, invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aid designed to clarify speech and provide a natural listening experience. It supersedes the earlier SoundLens2 90 with a more advanced Bluwave 4.0 processor. Unlike the premium model, there is no wireless capability, slightly reduced background noise reduction and 4 less processing channels, hence the price. The SoundLens i2000 is suitable for those who find themselves in noisy listening environments, including shops, restaurants and the workplace.

Our price includes:
✔ A comprehensive hearing test and examination by a registered hearing aid dispenser
✔ The fitting and programming of your hearing aid(s)
✔ Fine tuning and after care for the life of your hearing aid(s)
✔ A Manufacturers Warranty
✔ 60 day full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied
✔ VAT inclusive

What makes the Starkey SoundLens Synergy i2000 so special?

The SoundLens i2000 is one of the smallest, most expensive hearing aids that you can buy. The size of the computer chip within the SoundLens i2000 has been reduced by 20%. As a result, if you have a small ear canal and have been unable to fit an IIC in the past, this handy little device might work for you. This mid-range hearing aid is discreet to wear and provides a host of features that will serve to enhance speech understanding in a noisy listening environment.

Key Features:

  • 20 Sound Processing Channels - provides a range of frequencies that enable your hearing aid to be programmed to fit with your specific hearing needs.
  • 10kHz Bandwidth - for maximum audibility and clarity of speech.
  • 5 Personalised Levels - so you can customize your hearing aid appropriately.
  • Bluwave 4.0 Processor - for faster operation and clearer sound.
  • 8 dB Noise Reduction - made possible with the use of the Acuity Operating System.
  • Audioscape - identifies and prioritises speech above all other noise. There are eight different listening environments to choose from. The device is able to memorise your favourite setting and automatically adjust accordingly.
  • Purewave Eliminator - gets rid of unwanted feedback such as whistling.
  • Swap Fit - means your audiologist can transfer your existing settings from your old hearing aid to the new device with the minimal amount of fuss.

To summarise: As the second to top invisible-in-canal hearing aid in the SoundLens range, the i2000 is a reasonably priced hearing aid with plenty of features to help you stay connected. If you are restricted by budget, you may wish to consider the SoundLens Synergy 1600. Alternatively, for the more advanced version, you could look at the SoundLens i2440.

For more information, call us now on
0800 015 2566