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SmartCare Cream


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What Is It?

  • 7ml tube of transparent comfort gel especially designed for use with earmoulds
  • Skin friendly gel with Aloe Vera

What Does It Do?

  • Helps to improve earmould wearing comfort
  • Particularly helpful when just starting to wear earmoulds as it can reduce the sensation of foreign bodies in the outer ear and ear canal and so aid the familiarisation process
  • Improves the sealing of the earmould
  • The transparent gel creates a thin film that is not absorbed by the skin – only a tiny amount is required with each application
  • Use a preventative measure against skin irritations

Can Be Used With:

  • Alongside any earmould used with a behind the ear hearing aid


It does exactly what it says. Comfort in...

Review by Elena (Posted on 19/07/2015)
It does exactly what it says. Comfort in sliding the mould in the ear canal. If you have any irritations, it is soothing. Highly recommended for anyone who wears hearing aids.
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