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Signia NHS Contrast S+/HP Double Domes

Please note these are the Open style domes for Siemens Hearing Aids

What Is It?

  • Pack of 10 double domes
  • Available in two sizes. The second number indicates the mm measurement of the bottom/base dome

What Does It Do?

  • Attaches to the end of Signia Thin Tubes (sometimes called Connexx tubing) used on Contrast S+ or Contrast HP NHS hearing aids

  • Should be used to replace discoloured or damaged domes

  • Suggested replacement every 6 – 10 weeks, depending on use and maintenance

  • Always ensure that a new dome is pushed firmly onto the tubing before inserting into the ear

Can be used with?

  • Suitable for use with all Signia (previously branded Siemens) hearing aids using Contrast / Connexx of Life tubings. 

Please note Signia produce a number of different styled domes for use with their tubings. There are also ‘open’, ‘semi-open’ and ‘closed’ domes styles. If you’re unsure as to which dome you have please feel free to contact us. 

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