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Siemens Micon 5

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Our price includes
  • Full hearing test and examination
    Registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Fitting and programming
  • VAT Inclusive
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare
    Throughout life of the hearing aid(s)
  • 60 day full money back guarantee
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Key Features

  • Tinnitus Noiser
  • Thirty-two sound processing channels
  • Acclimatisation Manager
  • Speech and Noise Management
  • Sound Smoothing


Micon Pure/Motion/Life/Aquaris/Ace/Insio 5Mi

* This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. At HearingDirect.com you will find an unbeatable range of affordable hearing aids to help you effectively manage hearing loss. 

Spoilt for choice - with the new Micon technology platform, you can choose a style that best suites you.


During the latter part of 2012, Siemens introduced a brand new technical platform known as Micon, which is at the heart of their BestSound Technology. With three levels to choose from, the 5Mi represents the mid-range version. It’s now available in a wide choice of styles to suite your personal requirements, including Pure, Motion, Life, Ace, Aquaris and Insio.


How exactly does this work?

The Micon 5 provides flexibility, offering you a broad selection of hearing aids from the Siemens range. Whichever style you select, it will come packed with innovative features to make your hearing experience as carefree as possible. Options are as follows:

·Pure – available as a Receiver in Canal (RIC) device.

·Life – designed as a Mini Behind the Ear (Mini BTE) instrument.

·Aquaris – comes as a Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aid, perfect for those with an active lifestyle, being both water and dust resistant.

·Ace – an unobtrusive Receiver in the Canal model.

·Motion – sits neatly Behind The Ear (BTE).

·Insio – can be obtained in a variety of styles i.e. - In The Ear (ITE), In The Canal (ITC) or Completely in Canal (CIC).


Key Features:

e2e Wireless – your hearing aids are able to connect wirelessly to each other, therefore creating a balanced and natural sound.

Tinnitus Noiser – if you suffer from tinnitus, this features aims to reduce the impact it has upon your hearing.

MiFocus features include:

·Thirty-two sound processing channels – a 12 mHz bandwidth allows for a greater selection of channels, which in turn enables you to tune your hearing aid more accurately to your own specification and requirements.

·High Resolution Speech Focus – your hearing aid will automatically adjust the microphone levels according to your environment, greatly increasing clarity of sound regardless of your situation.

·TruEar – in order to produce a more natural sound, this feature mimics the acoustics of your ear.

MiSound features include:

·Feedback Stopper – filters irritating feedback such as whistling.

·Speech and Noise Management – aims to define speech by reducing background noise.

·Sound Smoothing – significantly reduces unexpected sound, to keep your hearing at a comfortable level.

·eWindscreen – helps to deflect wind noise, when in exposed places.

·Soundbrilliance – aims to provide clarity of hearing by expanding high-frequency sounds; especially effective when listening to music.

MiGuide features include:

·Data Logging – information is recorded so that your audiologist can access the relevant material for analysis and advice you on how best to utilise your device.

·Acclimatisation Manager – your hearing aid will automatically adjust amplification levels to best effect, reducing the requirement for so many follow up appointments.


Wireless Compatibility for Siemens Accessories – allows music, television, and mobile phone conversations to be streamed directly to your hearing device. Accessories include:

·Tek – a mobile phone, music and television streamer

·MiniTek – both a remote control and streamer.

·e-Pen – a pen shaped, inconspicuous, remote control.

·Pro-Pocket – a remote control.


To summarise:

The Micon 5 is a middle of the range technical platform for a wide selection of Siemens hearing aids. You can choose a style that is relevant to your personal hearing requirements, to include Pure, Motion, Life, Ace, Aquaris and Insio. There are also a variety of colours to choose from.


If you like the technology but would rather view the premium product, take a look at the Siemens Micon Pure/Motion/Life/Aquaris/Ace/Insio 7Mi. For a budget version, it is worth considering Siemens Micon Pure/Life/Aquaris 3Mi, although the choice of styles is restricted in the latter.




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