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ReSound Lex 4

Our price
Our price includes
  • Full hearing test and examination
    Registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Fitting and programming
  • VAT Inclusive
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare
    Throughout life of the hearing aid(s)
  • 60 day full money back guarantee
    if not completely satisfied
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0800 015 2566

Key Features

  • Nine sound processing channels
  • Small and perfectly formed
  • Ready-to-wear
  • Quality sound


The ReSound Lex 4 Hearing Aid

The Lex Range - designed to keep things simple.

In October 2013, ReSound launched a new and exciting product range known as the Lex, which can provide you with an instant solution to your hearing requirements with the minimum amount of fuss. Almost invisible when worn, this remote microphone hearing aid, is both easy to fit and simple to use. There are two technology levels to choose from. The Lex 4 is the basic model, having replaced the Resound Be 7, theLex 8 being a more advanced version.

So why choose the Lex 4 Hearing Aid?

Do you suffer from a mild to moderate hearing loss? Perhaps you want to make the most of the latest technology when choosing a hearing aid but dread the long, drawn out process of acquiring one? How about a quality product, available now, where simplicity is at the heart of its innovation, but budget is a factor? If so, the Lex 4 may be worth your consideration.

Key Features:

Ready-to-wear. The progressive design of the Lex 4 means that a successful fitting can often be made at your initial consultation, cutting out the need to wait and instantly connecting you back up to the hearing world.

Small and perfectly formed. Designed for maximum comfort, the Lex 4 sits unobtrusively in your ear, an ideal solution for those who wear glasses. It comes with a choice of tube and dome sizes, to ensure the perfect fit.

Let sound envelop you. With a state-of-the-art surround sound system, the Lex 4 offers a quality hearing experience.

Nine sound processing channels. The Lex 4 allows you to access a variety of different sound frequencies, resulting in greater clarity of hearing.

Quality sound, without a whistle. The implementation of Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS) Ultra technology means that the Lex 4 enables you to benefit from a pure sound, free from unwanted feedback or distortion.

Protection when you need it most. The Lex 4, with its pioneering design and Noise Tracker II technology, adjusts automatically to environmental change. It filters annoying background noise, leaving you free to hear speech more clearly, even in a crowded room.

What wind? Due to its intuitive design, the Lex 8 protects against wind noise, providing superb sound quality in the great outdoors, wherever you choose to go.

The Lex 4 is a remote microphone hearing aid. It is not currently compatible to any ReSound wireless accessories. If you are seeking wireless connectivity, this product may not be best suited to your needs.

To summarise:

The Lex 4 is a discreet, beautifully engineered piece of technology that can be fitted during your first appointment. It is a great choice for those who are living with a mild to moderate hearing loss, offering an immediate solution to a frustrating condition. Simple to fit, easy to use and extremely comfortable to wear, this product is worth every penny.

If you like the idea of the instant fit offered by the Lex range, but seek a more advanced version, why not check out the Resound Lex 8 model.

For more information, call us now on
0800 015 2566