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Widex TV-DEX

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Make the most of your television with the Widex TV-DEX, a compact, easy to use wireless TV listener that streams sound directly to your Widex hearing aids.

This expertly crafted assistive listening device will help you access high quality audio from your TV or hi-fi system through your Widex hearing aids.  

Compatible with wireless-compatible Widex Hearing Aids such as Evoke, Beyond / Beyond Z, Unique, Dream, Super.

For a fully immersive experiencewith no background noise simply switch your microphone settings to ‘Room Off’ and enjoy uninterrupted audio from your favourite program.

Inputs possible from both TV and hi-fi systems

10 hours of non-stop capacity

UK mains power supply

Please note, the TV-DEX does not have a digital input so you will need to check the audio outputs on your TV before ordering. (Input converters can be purchased).

The device can only be paired to one set of compatible Widex hearing aids at any one time. 

Hearing Direct does not set up the TV-Dex with your Widex hearing aids, but it is a straight-forward procedure. If you have a wireless Widex Evoke hearing aid, you could also consider the Widex TV PLAY. 

Click here to view the step by step pairing guide

Please contact us if you are unsure whether your Widex aids are compatible.

Widex TV-DEX User guide