Unitron SlimTubes HE

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What is it?

  • A pack of 5 Unitron SlimTubes HE
  • Directs the processed sound from the hearing instrument into the ear canal.
  • Available for the left (blue) and right (red) ear
  • To check what size and side you need, please have a look at the number and letter printed in red (for right ear) and blue (for left ear) on your existing tubing. Our photos show an example of a left size 0 tubing.  
  • The tube (and relevant dome) should be cleaned regularly. The use of cleaning wires are particularly helpful for this and they are available here
  • Tubing will need changing every few months if stiff/brittle or if kinked. For information about how to remove and replace your tubing, please refer to your hearing aid user guide


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