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Audiclean Total Ear Care System Dual Pack

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call our expert customer service team for further advice.
  • The Audiclean Total Ear Care System Dual Pack is a combination of products designed to remove a build up of ear wax and then ensure that your ear canal is kept free of troublesome wax.

What Does It Do?

  • Stage 1
  • It removes ear wax by use of the Audiclean Earwax Remover which delivers natural and effective ear drops that will quickly soften and remove any built up wax. There are no harsh chemicals or invasive physical removal of existing wax.
  • Stage 2
  • By regular use of Audiclean Ear Cleaning Wash, which contains 100% natural Sea Serum™, your ear canals will remain free of wax and feel refreshing clean and clear. We recommend using the cleaning wash twice a week but adjust the frequency according to your needs.

Audiclean Ear Cleaning Wash is:

  • Proven to be effective
  • 100% of ingredients are naturally sourced
  • Can be used by all the family
  • Is the safe and comfortable alternative to cotton buds


    To remove the build up of ear wax:
  1. Tilt your head and place a few drops of Audiclean Earwax Remover into your ear
  2. Leave in place for 25 minutes (you may straighten your head!)
  3. Wash out your ear with Audiclean Ear Cleansing wash
    To prevent the build up of ear wax:
  1. Keeping your head vertical place the nozzle of Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash into your ear
  2. Depress for 1 second and leave solution in place for at least 10 seconds
  3. Tilt your head to naturally drain the residual fluid and towel dry

Using Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash 2 - 3 times per week will help to ensure that wax does not build up but if you find that symptoms persist then please contact your healthcare professional.


  • Audiclean Ear Wax Remover: Purified water, vegetable oil made from apricot kernels, eucalyptus globules essential oil, emulsifier)
  • Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash: 100% Sea Serum™ (chemical-free, pH balanced, isotonic seawater naturally rich in bicarbonates)

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Other Alternatives for Ear Wax

Using Audlciean is just one of our suggested remedies for tacvkling ear wax at home. Read our latest blog post (How to Get Rid of Ear Wax At Home) for more tips.


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