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Signia Streamline TV

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For many hearing aid wearers, TV watching can still be a frustrating listening experience. The Signia StreamLine TV streamer has been specifically designed for the streaming of television sound directly to certain Signia hearing aids. If you are unsure of suitability for your Signia model, please contact our friendly audiology team for advice: or by phone on 0800 032 1301and they will be happy to assist you. 

It is best to place the TV transmitter where it will be in line of sight of the hearing aids, and within 10 metres of the aids.

Pairing with the hearing aids is an easy process, and can be done at home following these steps:
1) Turn on StreamLine TV 
2) Switch the hearing aids off and on 
3) Place both hearing aids on the StreamLine TV.
4) The pairing process starts automatically.
5) As soon as pairing is complete, both LED displays turn blue for about 30 seconds. Pairing only needs to be performed once. StreamLine TV can be paired with multiple sets of hearing aids, so no problem if more than one family member wears Signia aids. Click here to read the Streamline TV user guide   

A free App (the Signia App) can be downloaded and used as a remote control to adjust the volume, and to start streaming remotely without the need to have a dedicated hearing program for TV streaming. On some Signia models, the physical rocker switch on the aid can be set to activate TV streaming mode. This would need to be done in the hearing aid’s programming software where the aid was fitted. 
Dolby Digital sound quality is supported and streamed via 2.4 GHz Bluetooth low energy technologyThe Signia StreamLine TV has a wide variety of connection options to suit almost all type. It is supplied with phono, SCART and digital Toslink audio inputs. 

Although multiple aids can be paired with one StreamLine TV, you cannot pair the same hearing aids with more than one StreamLine TV at the same time. If you want to use a second StreamLine TV for another TV in the house, you have to re-pair your hearing aids with it before use (turn the hearing aids off and on – by opening and closing the battery door, put your hearing aids onto the top side of the StreamLine TV and wait for 30 seconds).
If you have an Advance product from Specsavers, (and manufactured by Signia), and are interested in a TV Streamer, this Signia Streamline TV product will not be compatible. The Connexx version is required - we can source these so do call us to order.
StreamLine TV size: 124 x 80 x 22mm

About Signia

Signia hearing aid accessories are world class devices. For countless years, Signia hearing aids have been atop their field and they continue to produce some of the best devices on the market.

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