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Signia Sleeves 3.0

Original price £12.99 - Original price £12.99
Original price
£12.99 - £12.99
Current price £12.99
Style: Vented
Size: Extra-small XS

Sold as a pack of 6 domes. Part of the Signia 'EarWear 3.0 fitting portfolio.'

Choose between a vented or closed design - with 4 further size options, extra small, small, medium and large. 

Compatible with Signia miniReceiver 3.0 and Signia ThinTube 3.0. 

If you have a Signia receiver-in-canal hearing aid using a 2.0 wire, or a Silk X or Silk NX - the 3.0 Sleeves will NOT be compatible. Please contact us if you are unsure of compatibility with your existing Signia hearing aid. 

Email a photo of your existing hearing aid to and we can help!