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Signia Pure Charge&Go 1AX Digital Hearing Aid

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The Pure Charge&Go range of hearing aids by Signia delivers a unique solution to your hearing problem. 4% smaller than your average aid, made of rounded shapes and 5% slimmer in the top area, comfortable to wear all day long and giving you an outstanding speech clarity, the Signia Pure Charge&Go 1AX will allow you to hear a clearer conversation in all kinds of environnements thanks to its 16 channels. You can be an active part of the conversation again!

This range really focuses on the speech to give you the best hearing and understanding of the conversation, when you are on the go, in a busy restaurant, a crowded street or working in an open-space office. Thanks to the Signia Pure Charge&Go 1AX, you will be able to easily follow a conversation in any type of background noise with the convenience of a having on average 24 hours of power and 5 hours of streaming in one single charge thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity. You can also connect the Charge&Go 1AX to the Signia Streamline TV and to the Signia Streamline Mic.

Audiology support:

You may already have a hearing test audiogram, or you may need some support to understand the extent of your hearing loss, or which hearing aid to choose. Whatever your situation, talk to us about how we can help and book a free consultation with one of our audiologists through this link:  audiology consultation 

Remote Adjustments:

This hearing aid comes with access to the free Signia App, meaning the audiologist can make adjustments where needed, all from the comfort of your home. You can also update the aids yourself, using your Smartphone and the Bluetooth assistant, where you can adjust not only the volume but also the listening programme.

The Signia MiniPocket remote control is also available to purchase and use instead of the App to adjust the volume and help you change between programmes.

Available in 5 colours, (silver, rose gold, beige, dark champagne and graphite), with a tangible rocker switch for easier adjustments and a Pure Portable Charger included, (video available here), the Signia Pure Charge&Go 1AX hearing aid tackles all of the real life acoustic challenges.

N.B. This model requires programming and configuration. Delivery can take between 5 and 7 working days.

Key Features


Best suited for mild to moderate hearing losses – although do feel free to send us a copy of your hearing test results as more moderate-severe losses may be able to be accommodated. 

The Signia Pure Charge&Go 1AX offers a host of sound processing features including:  

  • Emphasis on speech to give a better clarity in background noise
  • 4 listening programmes – can be configured to your unique listening needs
  • Own Voice Processing - enhances your voice to make it sound as natural as possible
  • Automatic Situation Detection - adapts to your surroundings, even when you are on the move

If you have sent us your audiogram in advance; the Signia Pure Charge&Go 1AX will be pre-programmed before dispatch with the start-up amplification profile based on your audiogram. 

If you do not have an audiogram; our default setting, suitable for a mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss is used to create the start-up profile. 

Unless otherwise discussed with our audiologists, the listening programs will be set for: 

  • Universal
  • Noisy environment
  • Music
  • Phone 


The Signia Pure Charge&Go 1AX can be ordered in the following colours: beige, dark champagne, silver, rose gold and graphite. Its ergonomic and rounded shape sits snugly and discreetly behind your ear, with a thin silicon-plastic tubing directing the amplified sound into the ear canal. A dome is attached to the end of the thin tubing, helping the thin tubing to sit comfortably in the ear canal. The thin tubing should sit close to the side of the head, and when in place correctly, offers a discreet fitting. The tubes have coloured numbers printed onto them – designating red for the right-sided tubing and ear and blue for left sided tubing.  

What’s in the box

The Signia Pure 1AX is sent with everything you will ll need to try the hearing aid at home: 

How to buy

Not sure about buying a hearing aid online? We keep the process straight-forward, and here's what happens: 

Select which ear you wish to wear the hearing aid on (left / right / both); select the colour then add to basket. Check-out and purchase with Visa / Mastercard or PayPal (where there is a 'Pay-in-3' option for an interest-free 3 month split payment plan)

Your order will be posted directly to you via Royal Mail for a 30 day home trial. Everything you need to try the aid for this period is included.

Many customers have a copy of their audiogram (hearing test result on a graph) from an NHS appointment or from one of the high street stores and will email us a copy before ordering - If you can, please send yours to

If the hearing aid is appropriate for the hearing loss, we use the audiogram results to program the initial settings of the hearing aid.  

Dont worry if an audiogram is not available; you can begin with our standard setting – geared to suit a mild to moderate, mainly high frequency hearing loss. This is the type of hearing loss we commonly see in those with age-related or noise-induced hearing losses.  

Another option is to complete the online hearing check, which, if completed as instructed, gives a reasonable estimate of someone’s middle and high frequency hearing: If you wish for your online hearing check result to be used with your order you will need to let us know before or just after your order is placed.

Please talk to us if you need anything else regarding the set up further customised. We are real people, and would love to help provide the best possible starting point for you.

Once you've received the hearing aid it's a case of trying out the physical fit and the sound. If you need any adjustments, some can be done remotely if you've downloaded the Signia App – or we can reprogramme in house if the aid is posted back. Email or call us and we will help immediately or set up a time to discuss your requirements in more detail. If you choose to send the hearing aid back to us in the post for reprogramming we will extend your 30 day trial by a week to account for postage times. 

If the sound or physical fit of the product is not to your satisfaction, our 30 day money back guarantee is a no quibble policy.


How much will it cost to run the Signia Pure Charge&Go 1AX? The following items will need to be replaced:

How do I turn the Signia Pure Charge&Go 1AX On/off? Just press the switch button for 3 seconds. You can watch this video to help you with this. 

How do I work the controls? There is a rocker switch to change between settings. A short press up or down will change volume, a 1-2 second longer press will change programme. The settings can also be changed via the Signia App so you don’t have to touch the hearing aid at all; or via the Signia miniPocket remote control if you don’t wish to use a smartphone App. If you have two hearing aids, one will be dedicated to volume changes and the other to the programs changes.

How do I clean the hearing aid?  The most important part of maintenance involves cleaning the tubing and dome. These have a very narrow and small opening where the amplified sound comes out, and it is very easy for this to become blocked with wax, even after first use. The domes and tubings are not included in the hearing aid warranty as they are considered replaceable accessories. Domes can be removed from the tubings (pull off) and cleaned separately – taking extreme care to push back onto the tubing securely. The cleaning wire is a useful tool to use to thread all the way through the tubing (once removed by twisting it off the top of the hearing aid) to ensure no moisture / wax build up. 

Signia has put together a lot of videos to help their customers with their hearing aids. They are all available through this link


2 Year Hearing Aid Warranty

The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects in the hearing aid itself. Upon inspection Hearing Direct will either repair or exchange the hearing aid with a new or refurbished like for like unit at their sole discretion.

Warranty Limitation

This warranty does not cover damage from improper handling or care, exposure to chemicals or undue stress. Damage caused by third parties or non-authorized service centre’s renders the warranty null and void. Please note that receiver wires are not covered under the 2-year manufacturer warranty as these are considered an accessory item that can be replaced.

Out of Warranty Hearing Aid Repair

If your hearing aid is out of warranty Hearing Direct will inspect the device and either repair or replace it with a fully refurbished device for £250.00 Out of warranty repairs are guaranteed for a period of 6 months. (Please note this will only cover mechanical failure of the device for up to 4 years from the original purchase date)


United Kingdom Delivery Options and Prices

For hearing aids, we aim to program and dispatch within 5 working days of receiving your order. If we are unable to do this for any reason, we will contact you.
Delivery Option Price Estimated Delivery Time
Royal Mail Tracked 48 £3.49 (FREE On Orders Over £35)

3 - 5 working days

Royal Mail Tracked 24 £3.99 (Only £1.50 on orders over £35)

1 - 2 working days

Fully Tracked Special Delivery by 1pm £9.99 (On all orders taken by 15.00) Free on Hearing Aids Guaranteed next working day by 1 pm

International Delivery 

Delivery Option Price Estimated Delivery Time
Royal Mail International (Standard) £6.99 5 - 10 working days
Royal Mail International (Express) £12.99 3 - 4 working days

Please note that orders must be placed by 12pm Monday to Friday to guarantee next-day delivery. Orders are also not shipped over the weekend. 

Delivery of the Goods will be made to the address provided by you at the time of placing your Order.

If your Goods are not delivered safely within a reasonable number of days of you receiving notification of dispatch, you should contact us. Customers should promptly inspect goods delivered to them to satisfy themselves that any goods delivered to them are as expected.


Our 30-day, money back guarantee is exactly that - if you are unhappy with any item you have bought from Hearing Direct International, you have the right to return within 30 days after it has been dispatched, for a replacement or full product refund.

What do I need to know about returning a phone or assistive listening device?

These products may be unwrapped for testing but if they prove to be unsuitable then a 100% refund will be issued only if the product is returned in a brand new, saleable condition, with all packaging and contents intact. 

N.B. We would not consider an item to be re-saleable if:

  • The box or contents are dirty or damaged.
  • Personal data or phone numbers have been added.
  • The original contents are damaged or missing.

Any phone that requires re-packing, to ensure it is as new, will attract a nominal charge of £7.50 that will be deducted from the refund. All returns will be quality assessed prior to refunding.

What do I need to know about hearing aids?

Hearing aids can be fully tested in ear; if the fit or sound is not satisfactory, they can be returned within 30 days of receipt for a full product refund. Used accessories such as batteries, domes or wax guards do not need to be returned. If physical damage beyond expected trial use is found on the hearing aid, our standard repair charge of £250 will be deducted from your refund as this affects our return policy with the supplier. 

What do I need to know about returning hearing aid accessories?

These products must be returned, in their original packaging, un-opened and in a brand new, saleable condition. All returns will be quality assessed prior to refunding.

Please note we are unable to accept returns outside this 30-day period unless the item is deemed faulty, in which case, a replacement or repair of the faulty item will be offered. 

To return goods you need to contact us to obtain a Return Authorisation Number (RAN). 

You can request a RAN by emailing or calling us on 01264 313110 or 0800 032 1301. The RAN should be quoted on an accompanying letter to explain the reason for return and ideally a copy of the original invoice. We recommend you obtain proof of postage from the post office when returning any item to us.

You will be notified by email or in writing when your returned goods have been received by us.

For more details, see "Your right to cancel", in the terms and conditions. Your statutory rights are not affected.

When does the 30-day period start?

We will stamp your receipt with a date when we put it in the post. The 30-day period will start from this date; returns must have a posting date no more than 30 days after this dispatch date.

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Behind the Ear

Sits behind the ear

hearing direct programmable


Programmable to an audiogram

hearing direct volume


Adjustable volume

hearing direct battery


Rechargeable / Charge last up to 24 hours

Is the Signia Pure Charge&Go 1AX Digital Hearing Aid right for you?

Pros Cons
  • Programmable to your audiogram & free fine-tuning for the life of the product
  • Contactless charging at home and on the go
  • Easy to use, rocker switch for easier adjustments
  • TeleCare to adjust the hearing aid remotely through the Signia App
  • Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • 24 month manufacturer warranty
  • More tricky to wear alongside glasses frames and face-masks

Not quite right?

Compare to other Behind the Ear hearing aids

Price (Each) Programmable Volume Control Moisture Resistant Noise Reduction Speech Focus Battery
HD Bliss 2 £250.00 Rechargeable
HD Bliss 4 £299.00 Rechargeable
Signia Motion 13 1Nx £299.00 Size 13 7-8 days
Signia Pure Charge&Go 1AX £695.00 Rechargeable Charge last up to 24 hours
Signia Pure Charge&Go 3AX £995.00 Rechargeable Charge last up to 24 hours
Signia Pure Charge&Go 7AX £1,395.00 Rechargeable Charge last up to 24 hours
Styletto 1X Rechargeable £499.00 Rechargeable 17 hours of use per charge
Unitron Moxi Blu 3 Hearing Aid £945.00 Rechargeable
Unitron Moxi Blu 5 Hearing Aid £1,195.00 Rechargeable
Unitron Moxi Blu 7 Hearing Aid £1,225.00 Rechargeable
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Some of our customers' experiences


Should I get one or two hearing aids?

If an evaluation by a hearing professional indicates that you have hearing loss in both ears, and especially where the degree of loss is similar, two hearing aids are usually recommended. As a general rule, wearing two hearing aids will always give you a much clearer sound quality and will help your brain to process every incoming sound and noise more efficiently. The microphones fitted in the hearing aid have a motion sensor so the hearing aid(s) follow your movement to process the sounds. Therefore wearing two hearing aids reduces the brain's listening efforts.

While it may be tempting to try to limit the cost by going with a single hearing aid, wearing just one hearing aid may not give you maximum benefit in some difficult listening situations

How do I know if it will fit my ear?

The size 2 Signia Mini Receiver 3.0 Standard Power included as standard fits more than 80% of our customers comfortably - but we have shorter or longer tubing if need be so please feel free to contact our audiology team if you need a different option. A number of different sizes and styles of dome designs can also be used. A smaller dome can help to minimise the ear canal feeling blocked up; but a bigger dome may be required to prevent amplified sound leaking back out the ear canal and creating feedback (whistling) which is also why we are sending different options of Signia Eartips for you to try at home. 

What kind of mobile do I need for the App?

Apple devices: The Signia app is compatible with all Apple devices with the iOS version 9.3 and higher. 

Android devices: The Signia app is compatible with most of the Android (Android 5.0 and higher) devices using the ASHA standard. Audio streaming from other mobile devices, (Android smartphones without ASHA, older Apple devices, PCs, laptops and other Bluetooth mobile devices) is possible via our StreamLine Mic accessory. More details about the compatibility of your device with the Signia products are available here 

The Signia App allows the user to switch between the 4 listening programmes and to change volume or adjust the bass/treble balance.

If you do not wish to use the App, these changes can be made on the aid itself, or via a physical remote control – the ‘MiniPocket’ remote. Please note the Minipocket device will need to be purchased separately here 

How do I know if the sound will be right for me?

If you have a copy of a hearing test available you can send it to us and our friendly audiology team confirm if the Signia Charge&Go 1AX can cover your hearing loss. If you order without providing a hearing test result, you will be trying out its standard settings, which cater for moderate to severe hearing loss. You are very welcome to book a free consultation with one of our audiologists via this consultation portal

How do I arrange a remote fine tuning

Some changes to the programming of the Signia Pure Charge&Go 1AX can be done remotely without needing to return the hearing aid to us. The Signia App is required for this. You can contact our friendly audiology team by email on or give them a call on 0800 032 1301 and they will arrange this directly with you. A unique code is supplied to allow changes to be loaded into your hearing aids via your smartphone & Signia App.

Can I speak to an audiologist?
Of course! Our friendly audiology team is available Monday to Friday to assist you with any query you have. Feel free to email them at or give them a call on 0800 032 1301 or book a consultation with them if you want to via our audiology consultation portal
What if it doesn't work for me?

Do of course feel free to contact us to see if the problem can be resolved with change of dome or a remote fine tuning. If anything about the physical fitting or sound is not to your liking, you can return the Signia Motion for a full refund within the first 30 days of receipt. But before doing so, please get in touch with our friendly audiology team: or give them a call on 0800 032 1301 to discuss the issue.