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The PowerOne Implant Plus size 675 batteries have been designed especially to work with all cochelar implants using size 675 batteries. They are the only batteries recommended by the Cochlear implants manufacturer.

They have been optimised to cope with the higher power drain in a cochlear implant processor. This is usually done by adding an extra air hole to allow more air into the battery. It is therefore crucial that you use the specific type of batteries required in your cochlear implant otherwise it will not work properly and could be damaged. 

The PowerOne 675 Implant Plus batteries  are also compatible with other brands of cochlear implants such as Medel, Advanced Bionic and Neurelec as well as of course Cochlear.

Powerone  Implant Plus  hearing aid batteries are only activated when the protective tab is removed. The protective tab should therefore only be removed around 5 minutes before inserting the battery into the hearing aid.

What Is It?

  • 1 card of 6 batteries, available to buy in different quantities
  • Blue colour coded for size 675
  • Very long lasting
  • Mercury free

We would advise you to remove the batteries if you intend not to use the hearing instruments for several days. 

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