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Phonak Roger On iN

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Please note: We strongly recommend purchasing the Phonak Roger On iN only if you have a Phonak Marvel or Phonak Paradise hearing aid. The Phonak Roger On iN includes two Roger receivers that are required for connection; and only hearing aids with the 'Roger Direct' feature are set up to link to these. For all other hearing aids, please see the Phonak Roger On or contact us for help. 

The Phonak Roger On iN is a brand new addition to the hugely successful Roger portfolio. First launched by Phonak in 2013, Roger products have helped hearing aid users around the globe to further improve their hearing.

Anyone wearing a hearing aid and still having difficulty hearing in certain listening situations may be a candidate for a Roger system.

The Roger On is a compact, easy-to-use transmitter with 4 microphones which can be configured in a number of ways. It can automatically or manually switch between different microphone pick up patterns depending on whether it's placed on a table, clipped on clothing or held in your hand.

Here’s a few examples of how it can be used:

In group conversations: in small meetings or at family dinners, place the Roger On iN microphone on the table to pick up the voices from everyone.

In social gatherings: when music is playing and people are talking and laughing, hold it in your hand to activate ‘Pointing Mode 2.0,’ making it possible to zoom in on the person talking.

From a distance: In a larger auditorium, the speaker often stands at a distance. Ask the presenter to wear the Roger On, and their speech will be transmitted directly to your hearing aids.

There is an intuitive LED screen on the Roger On iN to show what is happening on the Roger On iN when it’s turned on.


The Roger On iN can also be connected to the new myRogerMic App. This is a free App, downloadable to either Apple or Android devices. (Check your device's compatibility here) You can then control your Roger On iN from your smartphone. It allows you to customize your microphone settings according to environment and personal preferences. Steer the direction of the beam(s) towards the speaker(s) you want to listen to. Change microphone mode; Mute / unmute and check current device status such as battery level. 

2 year manufacturer warranty. 

Phonak Roger On iN user guide

What's in the box: Roger On iN transmitter, optical audio cable, analogue audio cable, lanyard, case and user guide.