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Phonak 4.0 Standard Power CRT Receiver unit for Marvel and Paradise

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What is it?
  • Package containing 1 standard power receiver tube for connection to an Audeo Marvel hearing aid
  • Available in 4 different lengths for the left and the right ear, from 0 to 3. Our picture shows a size 0 for the right ear. 
  • Standard power version is indicated by the "S" printed at the end of the wire. The small number on the blue bottom end for the left ear, or on the red bottom end for the right ear, is the length/size to select.
  • Full range of the Phonak 4.0 Power CRT Receiver wire for Audeo Marvel and Paradise available here
  • If you are unsure as to which size you need, please contact our friendly audiology team who will be very happy to help you:

Please note the domes that go on the end of the receiver wire are not included. Phonak manufacturers a number of different styles of sizes of domes for their 4.0 receiver tubes, and must be ordered separately.

N.B.: Whilst it is a fairly straight-forward process to change the receiver wire, please ensure you are able to remove and replace your receiver wire yourself before purchase. Hearing Direct cannot be held responsible for any damage to hearing aids during the replacement process.




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