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Phonak D-Dry+

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A compact chamber for the drying, cleaning (with UV-C light) and storage of hearing aids.

The Phonak D-Dry+ is an upgrade to the popular D-Dry box. Total drying time is down to 142 minutes and it’s also approved for the drying of rechargeable Sonova (Phonak, Unitron & Widex) hearing aids with a new drying temperature of 40°C +/- 3°C

Suitable for use with Rechargeable Hearing Aids. 

Used preferably on a daily basis, the Phonak D-Dry+ uses electric heat and UV-C light to eradicate moisture and germs from your hearing aids. This hygienic and efficient system ensures hot air is circulated naturally around the drying chamber, allowing moisture to escape.


  • Two UV-C light bulbs provide even more effective germ reduction.
  • UV-C exposure time of 8 min: Time setting and automatic switch off for drying process
  • Safe to use: Automatic switch off after completion of the drying process and UV-C light safety shutdown when opening the cover.
  • Easy operation by the push of a single button - Acoustical signal and vibration to confirm operation
  • Mains powered (5 V) or via USB cable (both included in the packaging)
  • Cover with magnetic lock
  • Indication of remaining operation by 5 LED lights (30 min per light)
  • Warranty: 24 months from the date of purchase

Phonak are a global brand that have created and manufactured hearing solutions for the last 70 years. They continue to invest in producing innovative technology to help transform every-day life for people with hearing loss.