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Comprised of all-new hardware, Phonak Audéo Paradise P90 excels in hearing performance and hosts several elevated features. The result? A hearing aid that delivers an unrivalled hearing experience: 

  • Crisp natural sound
  • Brilliant speech understanding
  • Personalised noise cancelling
  • Connects seamlessly to Bluetooth devices

The P90 is the top of the range within the Audeo Paradise family. The AutoSense 4.0 sound processor which drives the whole sound processing system operates at the highest level - switching between 7 different listening modes automatically. The 'Dynamic noise cancellation', 'Speech Enhancer' and 'EchoBlock' algorithms are also exclusively activated for this premium hearing aid. The Speech Enhancer is a particularly helpful feature - it works mainly in quiet situations to pick up soft speech and give it an additional boost (without boosting soft noise at the same time!)

As with all the Audeo Paradise levels, you can choose between the 312 battery operated version or the rechargeable version. At the P90 level, there are distinct advantages to go for the rechargeable version. In the P90-R, a very low-power accelerometer has been added to the hardware. This accelerometer allows the hearing aid to measure movements as well as the direction of those movements. This movement information can then be combined with other hearing aid features to offer two useful features: 

  • Tap Control: makes it possible to control Bluetooth features via a double tap on the top of the ear. Via taps, Paradise P90 wearers can accept/end calls from connected smartphones, pause/resume streaming from connected Bluetooth devices and gain access to Bluetooth-based Voice Assistance apps. 
  • Motion Sensor Hearing: This feature steers the directional microphones based on the movement of the wearer. This helps to improve hearing in noise as the hearing aid knows whether you are moving or not and can focus in the direction of speech. This gives a much more natural listening experience while moving.

Phonak Audeo Paradise hearing aids are the ideal solution for those that are seeking best hearing performance in a flexible and discreet receiver-in-canal design. 

Do get in touch to discuss which Paradise level best suits your hearing needs. or call 01264313110



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