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Phonak Combi Case

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£130.80 - £130.80
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What is it?

  • Charger, drying kit and protective hard shell case all in one!
  • Inside the charger are the two slots for each hearing aid, helpfully coloured blue for your left ear and red for your right ear.
  • Sufficient space within the case to house the receiver wires / moulds of your hearing aid.
  • Place for a drying capsule to be inserted to turn the charger into a drying box when not plugged in.
  • Compact enough for travel with clip locking system making the hearing aids very secure inside the case.

 Compatible with:

  • Audeo Marvel rechargeable Phonak hearing aids
  • Audeo Paradise rechargeable Phonak hearing aids
  • Bolero B rechargeable Phonak hearing aids
  • Sky B rechargeable Phonak hearing aids
  • Naida B rechargeable Phonak hearing aids

How to use the Phonak Combi Case:

 Product Specifications:

  • 100 mm Length, 75 mm Width, 45 mm Depth
  • Weight 92g
  • UK plug supplied for mains charging, but can also be charged by USB cable
  • Technical data available here 
  • The Phonak Combi-case will be 100% charged in 3 hours, 80% in 1.5 hours.
  • Once the charger case is plugged in and hearing aids inserted, they will flash a light indicating that charging is active. You can keep the case open or closed during charging. Once charging is complete the lights on the hearing aids will stay a solid light.