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P Series Wireless TV Streamer 2


Audio input direct to your hearing aids!

The P680 wireless accessories comprise the TV Streamer 2; Remote Control 2; PhoneClip2 and Mini-Microphone. Choose one (or more!) to give you additional hearing help where you need it most. All the accessories use a true wireless connection that connects to your wireless-enabled hearing aids without the need for anything extra around your neck or additional cables. The wireless connection is made using 2.4GHz technology, a reliable standard that has a clear and stable signal.

The TV Streamer 2 streams clear sound from the TV, HiFi, computer or other audio devices directly to your P680MW or P680RW hearing aids. Your hearing aids are effectively turned into discreet wireless headphones, allowing you the volume you want while being able to keep the TV volume at a different level for others in the room. However, unlike with using headphones, you wont have to choose between watching TV and taking part in a conversation in the same room. You'll hear sound that is balanced between the TV and the surroundings. So you can watch TV and keep track of whats going on around you.

Operation is designed to be as straight-forward as possible. Connect the TV Streamer 2 to your TV, computer, Hi-Fi, radio etc; pair the device with your P680M or P680R hearing aid, and then activate the streaming mode by holding down the programme button on your hearing aid. The TV Streamer 2 is pre-packaged with a number of options allowing connection to virtually any analogue or digital audio device.

The P680MW offers a remarkable feature to ensure worry-free wearing in all conditions, even in the rain! Nano coating: this protects both the outside casing and all the electronics inside against all types of liquids. Nano coating is a polymer layer, one thousand times thinner than a human hair, that forms a protective coating on every part of the hearing instrument. As moisture cant stick to nano-coated devices there's almost no corrosion, resulting in a longer life for your hearing aid.

Key Features:

  • Turn your P680MW or P680RW into wireless headphones
  • 2.4GHz wireless connection for stable & clear streaming
  • Works with virtually all analogue and digital audio devices
  • Easy setup
  • Streams sound at least 7 meters with clear line of sight
  • Re-connects automatically if you leave the room and come back within 5 minutes
  • Take it with you to enjoy TV anywhere

Technical Information:

  • Dimensions: 91 x 83 x 47 mm
  • Weight in grams: 93
  • Power supply/Battery: External wall adaptor, 5 V DC
  • Power connection: Mini USB
  • Audio streaming range : 7 meters
  • Audio interfaces:
    Analogue: Stereo mini-jack --> L/R RCA/mini-jack/Scart
    Digital: Optical (Toslink) ; Coaxial
  • Supported digital audio formats:
    Stereo PCM (Sample rate: Up to 192 kHz) (Sample resolution: Up to 32 bit)
    Dolby Digital (Channels: Max 5.1) (Bitrate: 32 kbs to 640 kbs) (Sample rate: 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz)


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