No more difficult listening situations!

The P680 wireless accessories comprise the TV Streamer 2; Remote Control 2; PhoneClip 2 and Mini-Microphone. Choose one (or more!) to give you additional hearing help where you need it most. All the accessories use a true wireless connection that connects to your wireless-enabled hearing aids without the need for anything extra around your neck or additional cables. The wireless connection is made using 2.4GHz technology, a reliable standard that has a clear and stable signal.

The Mini Microphone sends a speakers voice directly to your P680 wireless hearing instrument. Its effortless, reliable and improves speech understanding in difficult listening situations where distance, background noise or poor acoustics are issues. In technical terms it helps to improve the signal to noise ratio. Because a speakers voice goes directly to your hearing aids, you dont necessarily have to look directly at the speaker during a conversation!

Take for example driving in the car; one of the most common places where people who wear hearing aids still struggle to hear: Ask your passenger to wear the Mini Microphone (it simply clips onto clothing or can be worn on a lanyard) so you can hear what they say, even with all the engine noise, as well as concentrate on driving. Even when your passenger is sitting in the back!

At a group meeting where there is a main speaker: Ask the speaker to wear the Mini Microphone, or place it close to the speakers from the audio system, and youll be able to hear the speaker from at least 7 meters away. In essence the Mini Microphone extends the hearing range well beyond the reach of any hearing instrument in a variety of situations.

The Mini Microphone also functions very well as a portable sound streamer, as it can be plugged into any audio device (TV, MP4 player, or computer) to stream audio directly to your hearing aids. For example, if youre meeting up at a friends place to watch sport, take your Mini Microphone and plug it into their TV or place it near the TV speakers; turn on the streaming mode on your P680 wireless hearing aid and you wont have to worry about missing anything or getting your friends to turn up the volume for you.

Key Features:

  • Streams sound directly to your P680 wireless hearing aids
  • Enjoy one-to-one conversations even in difficult listening environments
  • Small and lightweight device
  • Plug-and-play line-in functionality
  • Volume control adjustment for personal preference
  • Easy operation and pairing
  • Talk time 8.5 hours

Technical Information:

  • Dimensions: 62 x 34 x 17.5 mm
  • Weight: 21g
  • Power supply: Built-in rechargeable battery; mini USB charger
  • Streaming range: Up to 7 meters


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