Oticon MiniFit Bass Single Vent Domes - Pack of 10


The Oticon range of domes is made of soft silicone to give you a pleasant feeling in your ears when wearing your hearing aid.

There are 4 sizes available: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. The measurements in mm refer to the widest section of the dome which is the base. If you are not sure of what size and/or what model of dome you need for your hearing aids, please do contact our friendly audiology team by phone: 0808 196 6955 or email: help@hearingdirect.comĀ 

The Oticon MiniFit domes are compatible with the Oticon 60, 85 and 100 MiniFit speakers used on Oticon 60, 85 and 100 Minifit speakers as supplied with current Oticon Opn S, Opn, Ruby and Siya RITE instruments; and older OticonĀ Alta2 Pro, Alta2, Nera2 Pro, Nera2, Ria2 Pro, Ria2, Alta Pro, Alta, Nera Pro, Nera, Ria Pro and Ria.

They are also compatible with Oticon MiniFit tubings used on Oticon Opn S, Opn, Siya, Ruby, Alta2 Pro, Alta2, Nera2 Pro, Nera2, Ria2 Pro, Ria2, Alta Pro, Alta, Nera Pro, Nera, Ria Pro, and Ria.

Here are the guidance and recommendations from Oticon regarding their range of accessories:

  • Each of the Oticon range of tubes and domes has different acoustic properties and your hearing aid will have been specifically set up for use with a particular type.
  • A dome should only ever be attached once ā€“ these are push fit ā€“ with a friction hold ā€“ if a dome ever looks as if it is loose or becomes detached a new dome should be applied.
  • Only select the dome type/size that you currently have. Your ear has been measured for size, whilst your hearing aid has been acoustically programmed to match the dome selection.
  • Only use Oticon MiniFit domes with Oticon MiniFit tubes and Oticon Minifit receiver wires.

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