Oticon Corda MiniFit 0.9 Tubing - 5 Tubes

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This is a pack of 5 tubings

How to work out what to order:

At the end of the tube that goes into the ear you will see some numbers. Printed in blue for the left ear, and red for the right ear. You may see number like this: 0.9 -1 or 0.9 0 or 0.9 1 or 0.9 2 or 0.9 3 or 0.9 4. Ignore the 0.9 part and look at the number that comes after it.  

This number between -1 (minus 1) and 4 is the size you need to order. 

The 0.9 printed on the end of the tubing indicates the thickness of tube. 0.9 is the most common option, but there is also a thicker bore of tube used for more severe hearing loss.  Instead of 0.9 you will see 1.3. If this is the case, you will need the Corda Minifit 1.3 tubing.

Note that Oticon also manufacture a ‘Corda 2’ tubing which has a different end design.


Please read the following guidance and recommendations from Oticon regarding their accessories: 

  • Each of the Oticon range of tubes and domes has different acoustic properties and your hearing aid will have been specifically set up for use with a particular type.
  • A dome should only ever be attached once – these are push fit – with a friction hold – if a dome ever looks as if it is loose or becomes detached a new dome should be applied.
  • Only select the dome type/size that you currently have. Your ear has been measured for size, whilst your hearing aid has been acoustically programmed to match the dome selection.
  • Only use Oticon Minifit domes with Oticon Minifit receiver wires
  • If you're not sure which ones you need, please don't guess, ask before placing your order.



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