HF4 Pro Wax Guards

HF4 Pro Wax Guards

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Please note: these have now been replaced by the Signia Quickguard


What Is It?

  • Dial of 15 blue or red HF4 Pro wax filters
  • Comes with insertion / extraction tool
  • Blue colour used to denote use in left hearing aid, red for use in right-ear hearing aids

What Does It Do?

  • HF4 Pro gauze-based filters are acoustically transparent and prevent cerumen (wax), dirt and moisture from penetrating the hearing aid.

Can Be Used With:

  • The HF4 Pro Wax is an upgrade to the original HF4 guards and is compatible with any hearing aid using the HF4 size filter. Compared to the original filter, the time interval until the new HF4 Pro filter is clogged and needs to be changed is doubled and the need for hearing aid related repairs is significantly reduced.


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