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Geemarc CL7370 OPTI DUO wireless TV listener

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Struggling to hear the TV or need the volume higher than others in your house? The Geemarc CL7370 OPTI DUO is there to help! Geemarc has been producing excellent quality amplified devices, and the CL7370 OPTI DUO is the latest generation within the TV listener portflio. 

The package includes two lightweight headsets ready to be worn under the chin with the soft silicone earbuds in the ears. The headset is straight-forward to set up and the controls are easy to use.  

A 2.4GHz signal is used to transmit the sound from the base connected to your TV, wirelessly to the headsets. The signial has a reach of up to 25 metres indoor and 100 meters outside. 

Please have a look at the user guide for information about connecting the base to your TV. The CL7370 OPTI packaging include the optical / TOSLINK cable.


  • Stereo reception
  • Easy access to the settings from the headset:
  • Volume control (up to 125dB spl)
  • A Left/Right Balance as well as Tone Control to help compensate for hearing loss
  • Single-touch mute function turns the TV Listener into a conversation assistant enabling you to talk to the people around you with the headset on, taking advantage of its amplifier to hear everything better.
  • 8 hours of continuous in use time
  • Fast recharging station - full charge in 3 hours
  • Automatic stand-by mode (once the signal to the base has ceased)


  • 2,4 GHz digital transmission
  • Frequency response: 30 – 20 000Hz for broad audio bandwidth 
  • Weight of the headset: 55g
  • Read more on the datasheet
  • User guide

One Base can be paired with up to 4 headsets. Additional headsets can be added at any time. Note that one base can support only 2 headsets for charging at any one time.