The Geemarc CL7060 is a neckloop system designed to connect to your hearing aids via their Telecoil or loop setting to your television or Hi-Fi or other audio source. 

The CL7060 model can only be used if you have hearing aids or cochlear implants with the 'T' setting available and programmed in. 

The neckloop is lightweight and comfortable to wear around the neck.   

  • 2.4GHz wireless digital technology: transmission signal can continue even through walls, ceiling, floors
  • Volume control and adjustment of sound balance on the headset (left/right ear)
  • Ultra clear stereo/mono sound selectable
  • Tone clarity adjustment
  • Integrated microphone, so you can switch to conversation and increase the ambient sound at the touch of a button on the headset
  • Sensitive microphone to boost hearing from surroundings
  • Convenient docking charge with speed charging mechanism
  • Ability to use the neck loop whilst charging another spare battery (included) with the extra charging compartment at the back of the base
  • RF transmission auto off (when without audio signal)
  • 3.5mm line out for earphone connection
  • Easy access to settings on the base for tone control and a mono/stereo switch
  • Carrier Frequency: 2400MHz – 2483MHz
  • Operation Voltage: Transmitter - DC 5V 550mA Headphone – 3.7V350mA batteries (2 included)
  • Operation distance: Up to 20 meters (open area)


Headset + 1 additional battery

Charging cradle

Power supply

Optical cable (Toslink)

Audio cable 1.5m jack M Stereo 3.5mm

Cord adapter RCA-to jack 3.5mm


Geemarc CL7060 User guide


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