Doro Phone RingPlus Ringer Amplifier

Doro RingPlus Ringer Amplifier

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Doro is a Swedish company with an outstanding reputation of developing products specifically geared to helping seniors and hard of hearing people. They pride themselves on having modern telecare products that are easier to hear, read and handle. The Doro Ringplus is an excellent example of just this kind of expertise.

The Doro Ringplus is an alerting device. It can be added to just about any landline phone to send out a very loud tone whenever the phone rings. There is also a strobe light that can be activated as an additional alert. The Doro Ringlus is easy to install, and works on mains power (it has a 2 metre cable). It can be wall mounted, which is particularly useful if the phone is too.

While the most common application is to a landline phone, the Ringplus is also suitable for use with door-entry systems. Use it to increase the level of sound from your doorbell.


  • Very loud ringer device (90dB measured at 1 metre)
  • Strobe light alerting option
  • Adjustable volume
  • Easy to install
  • Works with almost all landline phones

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