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Amplicomms Powertel 196

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The Amplicomms Powertel 196 is one of the loudest phones in production today.

The Powertel 196 separates itself from similar phones with its use of the latest technology to provide the clearest sound possible – even at very high levels of amplification. Built with a high-quality acoustic chamber, sound quality is maintained at all volume levels, and echo cancellation helps to eliminate acoustic feedback to ensure every word is heard as clearly as possible.


  • 60dB amplification available for incoming voice volume (the loudest in production)
  • 90dB ringer volume (about 6 times louder than a standard phone)
  • Adjustable tone and volume levels
  • All Amplicomms product have been tested line with BT, Talk Talk and Sky new Digital Hubs with a 100% success rate,

Hearing aid compatible for those hearing aid wearers using their 'T' setting.

Technical features:

  • Speakerphone: Many of us use handsfree mode and it is designed to be loud and clear with 'Duplex simultaneous two-way audio technology'. This will provide a loud and clear sound during handsfree calls, and will limit any echo or distortion on higher volumes. 
  • Large backlit display:  Whilst on a call it will show the caller's name and number, and when in standby mode the date and time. The screen can be adjusted between five contrast modes, providing an easy viewing experience for those with deteriorating eyesight.
  • Requires mains power
  • 200 Phonebook entries
  • A call log of the last 30 missed, incoming or answered calls with the date and time.
  • Extra-bright red LED call indicator light on the top right of the unit flashes brightly when a call is incoming
  • Wall Mountable
  • 12 month manufacturer warranty
  • See more on the datasheet  and the User guide
  • Watch the video below: