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Product Recommendation Quiz

Discover The Right Hearing Aid For You Free Of Charge

Confused about which hearing aid best suits your needs? Taking this simple Quiz will help you identify the perfect hearing aids based on your hearing abilities and lifestyle.

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Free Of Charge

Every year 1000’s of people with varying degrees of hearing loss trouble take this quiz to find the perfect hearing aids for their needs. The quiz will give you unique insights into how specific features will fit into your life, free of charge.


Expert Recommendation

The quiz is designed by certified audiologists with a long track record of helping people find the right hearing aids for their needs. The quiz aims to help simplify your decision making.


Trusted Hearing Aid Experts

In addition to getting recommendations from an expert team of audiologists, you will also get the chance to purchase your hearing aid from one of the UK’s largest online hearing aid providers.



  • Identify the right hearing aid devices based on your hearing loss and lifestyle
  • Find personalised solutions for your persistent hearing problems
  • Get a free consultation with our certified audiologists
  • Select the right option based on what you need
  • Access the one-stop web store for all your hearing needs