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Free Consultation With our Trusted Audiologists

This free phone consultation will have all your hearing-related questions answered by the UK’s leading audiologists with decades of experience in the industry. You’ll also receive Hearing Direct’s personalised hearing aid recommendations that are trusted by 1000s of people all over the country
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Free Of Charge

This is a free phone consultation with an audiologist and there’s no obligation to buy anything. In the course of the free consultation, you will get invaluable insights into your hearing loss and learn ways to improve the quality of your life.

Expert Advice

Our in-house Audiologists will help answer any questions about your hearing difficulties and develop a strong understanding of your hearing loss. We’ll offer free guidance on which product would be best suited to you based on your activities and lifestyle.

Hearing Aids

From discreet behind-the-ear, powerful receiver-in-canal and invisible in-the-ear devices, learn more about the diverse range of modern hearing aids that are used by 1000’s of people in the UK.



  • Talk to leading audiologists free of charge
  • Find personalised solutions to help alleviate your hearing troubles
  • Discuss any doubts about the technologies used in hearing aids
  • Find the right hearing aids for your specific hearing loss
  • Book a free call at a time convenient to you
Book a Consultation