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Oticon Acto Pro

Our price
Our price includes
  • Full hearing test and examination
    Registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Fitting and programming
  • VAT Inclusive
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare
    Throughout life of the hearing aid(s)
  • 60 day full money back guarantee
    if not completely satisfied
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Key Features

  • 8 kHz bandwidth
  • Binaural Synchronisation
  • Tristate Noise Management
  • Multiband Adapative Directionality


The Oticon Acto Pro is the higher technology level of the Oticon Acto, a product range with which it shares most of its functionality and features.

Oticon have positioned the Acto Pro as the solution to the most common complaint of all those who suffer with a degree of hearing loss – speech perception in noise. The Acto Pro uses a combination of three sound processing algorithms to combat the back ground noise and lift the speech to a level of intelligibility.

The first is Multiband Adapative Directionality. It is well known and accepted that the use of directional microphone technology is the key to improving speech understanding. Technology has moved on a long way from the early models that simply had two ports for the same microphone. Multiband Adaptive Directionality is Oticon’s use of the RISE 2 sound processing chip in conjunction with twin microphones. It is a fast and flexible system that provides the optimum polar plot as the sound and speech are detected around the hearing aid wearer.

In addition to focusing on the speech present, modern sound processing algorithms attempt to lower the background noise. Oticon’s Acto Pro uses Tristate Noise Management to diminish the impact of background noise and in conjunction with the microphones "looking" in the direction of the speaker, this will significantly improve speech intelligibility.

Finally, there is an Oticon algorithm called Binaural Synchronisation which as its names suggest takes advantage of both ears having a hearing aid and through a wireless connection enables the aids to work together. Two ears work better than one and it is logical that two aided ears work better than one.

As with the Oticon Acto the Acto Pro is available in a wide variety of different models, colours and styles so there really should be an Acto Pro for you.

For more information, call us now on
0800 015 2566