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Hearing Direct Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 Pack of 60

  • Hearing Direct Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 Pack of 60

Regular Price: £17.90

Special Price £14.79

Size 312 hearing aid batteries are one of our most popular sizes.

Many customers prefer to buy their hearing aid batteries in boxes of 60 – it always helps to have extras on hand in various locations! We want to make bulk purchases worth it – and are proud to offer great value for money when you choose to stock up. We also ensure that there is a long shelf-life on all batteries purchased, as we know this is particularly important when purchasing in bulk.

We aim to dispatch every order received before 3pm that same working day.

What is it?

  • Mercury free, Zinc-Air Size 312 hearing aid batteries
  • 60 cells in each pack (10 packs of 6)
  • Brown colour coded (colour of the removable tab)


What does it do?

  • Voltage: 1.45V
  • 170 mAh
  • Consistent performance

Compatible with:

  • Compatible with all hearing aids using size 312 batteries including the HD360, HD420 and HD430 RIC.

If you’re placing an order for someone else and are unsure of which size battery to order, please contact us and we can help confirm the battery size. Call us or email customerservices@hearingdirect.com or use the website chat service on the right of this page.

Customer Reviews

  1. Great way to purchase batteries

    by Paul Hodges on 09/05/2018

    This is the second time I have ordered these batteries. They are quite more cost effective than what I can buy off the shelf and every bit as strong and long lasting plus I only have to order every month or so. also they have a pull off tab that is big enough to get hold of. What more could a person ask for! Fresh batteries not already past their shelf date.
    Star Rating
  2. Excellent Value

    by Tom on 28/03/2018

    I've been running a little trial, alternating these with Ray-o-Vac batteries in one aid. While I haven't controlled for a lot of variables, it is clear that the Hearing Direct batteries last at least as long, and maybe a day or so longer.
    Star Rating
  3. Best batteries I've used

    by Stuart Rubinow on 26/11/2017

    I'm into my second 60-pack of these batteries and have been very pleased with them. Excellent price, quite fast shipping, not a dud in the bunch (unlike other brands I've used), and they last an average of six days. I'm for certain a regular customer now.
    Star Rating
  4. Great product

    by Andrew Driver on 01/10/2017

    I also tried the various pack of batteries and found these lasted longer then Duracell , good price as well
    Star Rating
  5. A standard product but well priced and w...

    by David Purnell on 19/01/2016

    A standard product but well priced and with excellent service
    Star Rating
  6. Excellent Service Excellent Batteries Ex...

    by J.Pinnick on 29/12/2015

    Excellent Service Excellent Batteries Excellent Value Who could ask for anything more ?
    Star Rating
  7. Why pay more when I can get better VFM w...

    by Eddy Bryan on 20/12/2015

    Why pay more when I can get better VFM with these batteries? OK, they're not as powerful as my usual Boots Rayovac ones, but then I don't notice the difference... unlike the price.
    Star Rating
  8. Very quick delivery and batteries are ve...

    by Jacqueline Moulson on 14/12/2015

    Very quick delivery and batteries are very good, comparable to other more famous brands.
    Star Rating
  9. I previously ordered the trial pack with...

    by Eric Pyrah on 20/11/2015

    I previously ordered the trial pack with one pack of each make of 312 batteries to trial with my Verso 9 hearing aids to find out which ones performed the best, and noted the results in a spreadsheet. These Hearing Direct batteries are on a par with the ones that came out best from that experiment, so are indeed As Good As The Best.
    Star Rating

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