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Hearing Aid Storage Boxes

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  1. Cedis Drying Capsules and Pot
  2. Amplicom DB110

    Amplicomms DB130 Hearing Aids Portable Dry Box

    Regular Price: £59.99

    Special Price £47.99

  3. Spare Pillow Dry Spot Dehumidifier
  4. Phonak ‘C&C Line’ Drying Beaker & Drying Capsules Kit
  5. Dry and Store Replacement Cartridges
  6. Phonak Drying Capsules
  7. Cedis Drying Capsules
  8. Amplicom DB110

    Amplicomms DB200 Plus Hearing Aids Dry Box

    Regular Price: £59.99

    Special Price £47.99

  9. Phonak ‘C&C Line’ Drying Beaker & Cleansing Tablets Kit
  10. Dry and Store Zephyr
  11. Phonak ‘C&C Line’ Drying Beaker
  12. Cedis Drying Pot

1-12 of 14

Hearing Aid Storage Boxes from £6.99

 Keep your hearing aids safe and dry with our range of storage boxes. Dirt, moisture and earwax buildup can be detrimental to the lifespan of your hearing aid and it is therefore important to keep them protected and dry when not in use.

Types of Hearing Aid Storage Boxes

Hearing aid storage boxes are often referred to as ‘dry boxes’ - boxes that remove the moisture from the device. There are a number of options available:

Drying Pot

The most basic solution - drying capsules are placed in the drying pot with the hearing aid for up to 8 hours. The capsules contain silica crystals that absorb the moisture. The battery must be removed from the hearing aid before drying.

Electric Dry Box

Better for home storage, the electric dry boxes keep hearing aids dry by circulating air around the box.

Desiccant bricks are used in some electric dry boxes, offering maximum drying effectiveness. The bricks last for two months on average. The Dry and Store Zephyr works using desiccant bricks and comes with a cartridge. Replacement cartridges can be bought here.

Premium dry boxes include a UV-C light which eliminates 99.9% of germs, sterilising the hearing aid. The Phonak D-Dry Box is an example of such a box.

Portable Dry Box

We also sell a number of portable hearing aid drying boxes – great for taking out and about. For example the Amplicomms DB130 Hearing Aids Portable Dry Box.

Why should you use a storage box?

Dirt and moisture, in particular, can be detrimental to the operation of hearing aids. It is therefore important to store your device properly when you are not using it. We have a number of articles on our blog covering this topic:

Which storage box brands do we supply?

What to Expect from Hearing Direct

We are dedicated to helping the hard of hearing enjoy the sounds they love.

With free delivery when you spend £20 or more and a 30-day money back guarantee, you can safely browse our website and order the items you need when you need them.

Should you have any hearing aid storage queries or any other questions. get in touch and our expert team will do their best to advise you.