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HD 250 Digital Hearing Aid

Small, incredibly discreet and comfortable to wear.

Adjustable volume control for a more personal performance.

Fully programmable to match hearing test results.


The HD 250 Hearing Aid - small and perfectly formed

The HD250 is a mid-range digital hearing aid that offers excellent sound quality and a range of impressive technical features encased in a user-friendly design. As an in-the-ear device, it’s small, incredibly discreet and comfortable to wear. There’s no need to visit an audiologist for a fitting, as one size fits all. As for the price – it’s remarkably good, given the level of technology on offer. Why not check it out for yourself?

Why consider the HD 250 from Hearing Direct?

  • Fantastic savings - unlike the high street stores, we are an online retailer with fewer overheads. As such, we can offer quality products at exceptional prices.
  • Fast delivery service - if you place your order today, you can be in receipt of your hearing aid as early as tomorrow. Order online or call us.
  • Hearing aids are pre-programmed – to assume a high-frequency requirement most commonly linked to age-related hearing loss. They can, however, be altered to meet your specific needs. All you need to do is send us your most recent audiogram to audiology@hearingdirect.com and we will reset it accordingly.
  • Barely visible when worn - being an in-the-ear device (ITE) and exceptionally small, it’s both unobtrusive and comfortable to wear. Browse our collection of invisible hearing aids
  • One size fits all - there’s no need for ear impressions. The HD 250 is also supplied with three different-sized silicon tips for additional comfort.

The bare facts about this model

It can be a frustrating experience being surrounded by conversations that you simply cannot access because of inconsistent sound levels and background noise. The HD 250  Digital Hearing Aid will enable you to relax and participate with your friends. Sound levels will automatically adjust to fit in with your listening environment, using the tri-mode layered noise reduction function. The dynamic speech enhancement feature uses a system of compression to enhance soft sound and reduce loud speech to a more equalized and manageable level.

With a built-in feedback shield, unwanted whistling will also be eradicated. The added convenience of a push button means your hearing aid can be adjusted according to your individual requirements with the minimum amount of fuss.

You can view our entire range of hearing aids here. 

How to achieve a comfortable fit

There’s no need to seek help from a professional audiologist to fit this device. You can do this at home; it really is a very simple procedure.

The first step is to place the HD 250 directly into your ear to see if it fits correctly. If you suffer discomfort or hear whistling sounds once in position, the chances are you’ll need to use a silicon fitting tip. The device comes with three sizes of tip: small, medium and large. Try each in turn until you find one that suits you.

Once fitted comfortably, your hearing device should generate the optimum sound. In the unlikely event you’re unable to achieve satisfaction, just send the device back to us within 30 days of purchase and you will receive a full refund.

 Key Features:

  • In-the-ear digital hearing aid
  • Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Programmable by HearingDirect
  • Tri-mode layered noise reduction
  • Push button volume control
  • Feedback shield blocks unwanted whistling
  • Dynamic Speech Enhancement
  • Memory change indicator with adjustable frequency and volume levels
  • 3 different sized fitting tips included ensuring a snug fit
  • 12 months full manufacturers warranty
  • Low battery warning
  • Uses a size 10 battery such as the Hearing Direct Batteries size 10

What's included with your hearing aid?

  • Pack of 6 size 10 batteries – each battery will last an average of 5 days
  • Sample pack of fitting tips – 1 small; 1 medium (attached to the HD250), 1 large 
  • 4 spare wax guards
  • Cleaning brush (please note the magnet on the end to help with battery removal)

If you have sent us your audiogram in advance the HD250 will be programmed with 4 volume settings based on your audiogram. 

  • Setting 1 is set 2dB softer than the software’s recommendation for the audiogram to give a softer option on startup. 
  • Setting 2 is as per audiogram recommendation
  • Setting 3 is 2-3dB louder than setting 2.
  • Setting 4 is 2-3dB louder than setting 3. 

If you do not have an audiogram; our default setting, suitable for a mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss is used to create the 4 settings. 

To summarise:

The HD250 Hearing Aid is a more sophisticated, adjustable, in-the-ear hearing aid model than the HD230, with many excellent technical features to help boost your listening experience. Perfect for those with a mild to moderate hearing loss, this small device comes with three silicon fitting tips that vary in size, to ensure a comfortable fit.

The 30-day money back guarantee means you can try this device safe in the knowledge that if you’re dissatisfied, you will receive a full refund. For a guide on how to fit the HD 250, view our online video.

If the concept of an ITE hearing aid is of interest, but you’d prefer a top end specification, check out the HD 390. For our budget range, take a look at the HD 151. Alternatively, you can shop our complete collection of digital hearing aids here. 

For further guidance or for more information, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Customer Reviews

  1. A goid, easily inserted aid that performs well. The service getting my aids to me in France was fast snd efficient.

    by David Hall on 31/12/2018

    I have found over the last year that the HD 250 is very easy to insert and overcomes the problems I had with BTE aids (hearing noises behind me more clearly than those in front of me). However, there is a little occlusion and a fair amount of feedback, so there is still room for improvement. Battery life from the tiny size 10 batteries is amazing - I get just over a week from each one. The service getting my aids out to me in France was fast and efficient. Altogether, a very safisfactory aid and service.
    Star Rating
  2. HD250

    by David Montgomery on 26/08/2018

    I was looking for an hearing aid for my right ear and seen this one so I decided to try. I done the on line hearing test and sent it to them after buying the HD250 and it arrived three days later it came with a box which had the aid,batteries and cleaning tools so first class for that.
    I put the battery in and inserted the hearing aid first off without a dome on it and it fitted well in my ear i was very pleased with this, but as another reviewer stated when talking it can come loose which happened to me so I then put the medium one one and put it back in my ear now it was a tighter fit.
    The sound quality was first class with no feedback or whistling i could hear the wife and family member's sitting beside me,but when In the kitchen i couldn't make out clearly what was being said so I contacted Joan and arranged for it to be returned to upgrade the volume. I noticed the difference when I got it back but when I attended one of my meetings i couldn't hear what was being said at the bottom end of the room so i contacted Joan again to arrange too increase the volume which was done.
    It's a great see hearing aid of your hearing is mild to moderate but unfortunately it didn't work for me and I was disappointed as I really wanted it to be the one I needed so I had to return it and I must say I received my refund very quickly so first class again.
    I would like to thank Joan and the staff of Hearing Direct for their quick responses to my problems and would recommend you give them a try if your looking for a good hearing aid as I will be looking for a bte one which Joan thinks would be better for me so with her help i hope to get one next week.
    Star Rating
  3. They work well for now. Construction is good too. Durable, easy battery compartment. Batteries last longer than my last three ear piece amp models tried.

    by Todd on 18/06/2018

    Bought the HD250 right ear for now. Had the highest number of reviews. Wear ear muffs at work so I avoided the Air touch feature on HD390 model. Tested smallest ear tip and sound not as loud as the medium tip. Sometimes it does work itself out slightly due to heat expansion and slight wax in my ear. Plus moving jaws may work it out. I just push it in slightly and the sound gets slightly louder as if first time installed waking up. Didn’t want to use biggest ear cushion afraid I may break the small wire that pulls the ear piece out. So be careful not to yank them out. Follow directions or pull on ear and gently remove, they will last longer. Not sure if there is a warranty on the puller wire thingy. I have tried three other ear amplifiers and this one is better by far for the price. I am buying another one for the left ear, since I have severe or moderate hearing loss both ears, had ear drum holes and got surgery both ears, but both ears got worse after surgery. Doctors tried to help, but said The next step is implants etc. I decided to try ear amplifiers and for the cost it’s a great substitute for new expensive ear implants. Though insurance and another $5K out of pocket would probably do it plus lost time from work etc. FMLA only pays 60% etc.
    Star Rating
  4. Very pleased!

    by Larry on 03/04/2018

    I have Meiniere's disease, and my hearing comes and goes, from not-too-bad to almost deaf. Years ago I went to an audiologist, spent a pile of money, and got a hearing aid that wasn't terribly helpful. Finally gave up using it at all. Fast forward to a couple of months ago, and my hearing was acting up pretty badly. Decided to take the plunge on the HD 250, and I have been very pleased! Much less expensive than the audiologist's product, and I can actually hear again!
    It did take a few days to get used to the feeling in my ear, but now I barely notice it, it is actually quite comfortable. I love the little button I can use to turn up the volume if I find I need it...just a quick press, no one even notices I'm doing anything at all. Hearing aid is practically invisible, you really can't see it unless you are looking right at my ear, and at the right angle...and if you aren't looking for it, you probably won't notice it at all...which is nice.
    First one is for my left ear, which is the one most consistently bad. However, even my "good" ear needs some help sometimes, so I will be ordering a second one next time they are on sale. N
    Star Rating
  5. Excellent

    by Bob on 31/03/2018

    I received my Hearing Aid at the beginning of January. I wasn't too sure whether I would get used to it. However,it is so good and I now feel so much more confident when in conversation. I say "pardon" occasionally...but that's because I haven't yet bought one for my left ear ! I only use it on the second volume setting and the sound is so much more natural than my old NHS BTE device .
    Star Rating
  6. Fabulous service

    by Lesley Jay on 15/03/2018

    After talking to audiologist Joan and sending my audiogram we decided the HD 250 hearing aid would be perfect for me. Joan advised to try one for my right ear which is slightly worse than the left. I didn’t want a behind the ear type as I’m forever putting on and taking off reading glasses and thought this might be a problem. Oh the joys of getting old, I’m 62!!. My HD arrived in 4 days to France how quick was that! Unfortunately I didn’t read the instructions properly which were actually really clear and put the battery into the aid instead of the battery door and broke it. I emailed Joan who was so understanding. Returned the aid which was returned to me very quickly, repaired free of charge. Then I had earache so couldn’t use it (probably nothing to do with the aid) but to play safe just wore it for a couple of hours a day and gradually building up with Joan’s advice. Joan extended my trial period as I hadn’t had chance to try it out properly. Fantastic service by Hearing Direct. I’m getting used to it. Because it’s an in the ear one it does make year feel blocked but gradually that feeling goes.I can hear the tv better and general noises especially my own voice! The real test will be when I return to the UK in a couple of weeks, my children always say” Mum! Get a hearing aid you are so deaf like Nan and Grandad were!! They should notice the difference! I will do another review when I return. For those who may worry about buying a hearing aid online do not. Joan was so understanding and helpful and can definitely recommend Hearing Direct.

    Star Rating
  7. good buy

    by don hall sr on 30/12/2017

    love it right ear use third and forth setting only med wax guard
    can they b set a little louder 3 and4 need to b set up a little mine is about 4 months old.I will need a new one for left ear to b set the same
    Star Rating
  8. Eleven Months Usage

    by Ian on 30/10/2017

    I bought my HD 250 last Christmas but deliberately waited to post after a reasonable time so that people could get some idea of how I saw the long term benefits. I can say that this hearing aid has changed my life, I am 57 years old but have always worked in noisy environments and without doubt my ears have been damaged. I was finding it difficult to hear in general conversation and listening to the TV was a chore! I have never had cause to contact hearing direct as the hearing aid worked well straight out of the box. The battery life is great - I use one a week at most. I think that it's probably important to get the silicon adaptor correct. I didn't fit one at first but immediately blocked the wax filter! I have been using the small adaptor for almost a year without issues, If i use the medium one then the benefit is reduced. Since fitting the Silicon adaptor I have only replaced the wax filter once. I am now going to order another for my other ear and a set of silicon adaptors. Not that I need two units but with the one I have in my right ear I can hear whilst being a passenger in a car but find difficulty in hearing whilst driving. My Idea is to wear one at a time whichever suits. BTW no one actually notices that I wear one - until I mention it! All-in-all a fantastic aid.
    Star Rating
  9. the 250

    by drhallsr on 21/08/2017

    very very nice hearing aid love it have had it for 3 days don't know its in my ear best deal ever
    Star Rating
  10. Happy after adjustments

    by Peter M on 15/08/2017

    I would just like to say thanks to Joan for the excellent service I received on my purchase of my hearing aid. The only issue was getting the volume correct which was understandable considering this was an on-line purchase. I had to return it twice to get it adjusted and Joan was excellent in both communications and speed of service, I was offered a refund on both occasions if I wasn't satisfied which was very re-assuring. Now that the adjustments have been made the hearing aid is working perfectly.
    Star Rating

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