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Geemarc LH 10 Hearing Assistant



The LH10 Hearing Assistant from Geemarc is an amplified listening device designed to provide an affordable alternative to using hearing aids. With an adjustable receiver volume of up to 30dB and tone control of +/-10dB, it offers plenty of power. You can control the balance between the left and right ears, which helps to maintain a clearer more natural sound. With a built in, highly sensitive T-Coil, you can rely on the LH10 Hearing Assistant to act as an efficient amplified listener in areas that provide a fitted induction loop. This is particularly useful in large public spaces such as concert halls and theatres, where capturing speech can be especially difficult.

Geemarc are a well-known global manufacturer in the production of specialist hearing technology. Innovative telecommunications equipment is designed to aid the elderly and those with hearing or visual impairment. With over fifty years experience to draw upon, Geemarc continues to create new and exciting ways to keep the lines of communication open for all.

Key features:

  • Adjustable receiving volume control : up to 30dB
  • Tone control : +/- 10dB
  • Left/right Balance control
  • Super sensitive built in microphone
  • UV coating to prevent case noise
  • The LH10 has a built in highly sensitive T-Coil to use as an Amplified Listener in any area fitted with an Induction Loop
  • Up to 120 dBspl Max acoustic output
  • Frequency range : 100 to 8000Hz
  • Built in Lithium battery
  • Operating time 8 - 10 hours
  • Battery low/charge indicator
  • Full charging time : 2/3 hours
  • Telecoil sensitivity : -50dBv, 1Khz, 100mA/m
  • Size :5.7 x 2.7 x 10 cm


  • 1 x USB Charging Cable (5Vdc)
  • 1 x Earphones

Customer Reviews

  1. New Life in our house

    by Bernie McCormack on 10/02/2018

    Just received this device for my 85 year old father with dementia. He has had hearing aids for years but cannot hear anything for months and will not leave the house. He can hear us and listened to music for the first time in 6 months.....WHAT A NEW GIFT OF LIFE OUR FAMILY HAS JUST RECEIVED. Thank you so much
    Star Rating
  2. mr.

    by happy geemarc customer on 31/05/2017

    got the geemarc LH 10 last week . i find it brilliant for listening to tv or radio. also listening in the inductive loop very good, perfect all round . better than the hearing aids that i paid 1200 euros for, i would strongly recommend this product.
    Star Rating

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