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Geemarc CLA3 Hearing Aid Compatible Headset



VAT_Reclaim.gifHeadset with adjustable volume control; if you wish to use it with your hearing aid in the ‘T’ setting there are telecoil couplers in both ears for interference-free connection.

Packaged with a variety of adaptors to allow use with the vast majority of phones, DVD players, computers, MP3 players or game consoles.

  • Hearing aid compatible
  • T Coil couplers in both ears for interference-free connection with T Coil hearing aids
  • Extra high sound quality
  • Extra sensitive microphone
  • Volume control
  • Ideally suitable for high background noise environments and for handsfree use
  • Comes with a twin 3.5mm connection and with a 2.5mm adaptor to use with Laptops, PC, CD players, MP4, MP3 players, DVD players, Aircraft audio systems, mobile phones and game consoles
  • Suitable for connection to the CLEARSOUND range telephones (CL200, CL330, CL400, CL600, CL1400, AMPLIDECT models, AMPLIPOWER models, BDP400, CL210A)

CLA3 User Guide
6th May, 2011 156KB
Vat Relief Declaration
10th Jun, 2011 45KB


These headphones perform well with the t...

Review by David Bowles (Posted on 30/06/2014)
These headphones perform well with the t-loop system on my hearing aids. The combined output gives better results than silent or normal headphones. Excellent results with high levels of background noise such as aircraft. Good value for money.
Star Rating

Purchased for my 12 year old son (profou...

Review by Simon Thomas (Posted on 05/01/2012)
Purchased for my 12 year old son (profoundly deaf with 2 hearing aids), who is very happy with them, having used the headphones with the computer, mp3 player and mobile phone. One issue we have is that the headphones are not large enough to cover his ears (about half the size of most headphones of this style), and therefore let out a lot of noise into the room that disturbs people around him. His music sounds almost as loud to us as it would through some small portable speakers. The headphones also sometimes hurt his ears, as they sit on them rather than around them. Another problem is that the adaptor for mobiles etc is a 2.5mm plug, but the phone (and most mp3 players etc.) has a 3.5mm socket, meaning we had to source an additional adaptor from an electronics supplier to go on the end, making the connection rather bulky and complicated.
Star Rating

I have two Geemarc phones and, while the...

Review by K Oswald (Posted on 01/04/2011)
I have two Geemarc phones and, while they are better than ordinary phones, I still sometimes have trouble hearing people on the other end especially in call-centres with a lot of background noise. This headphone/microphone device makes a big difference to clarity and has the added advantage of allowing hands-free phoning. Even with the extra volume button activated on the phone there is no distortion of sound.
Star Rating

I have been looking for headset that wil...

Review by M Price (Posted on 08/03/2011)
I have been looking for headset that will fit for my hearing aids but I could not hear and it's not enough power. When I browse through internet looking for it and tooks me years to find it. I found this headset and order it and it was very fast to appear at my door. When I open it and was exciting to try it and I was surprise that it's work and I really love it so much. I can plug this on my home phone, my cell, my computer and my TV. It's amazing and I thank you so much and my dream come true.
Star Rating