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Geemarc CLA1 Link Box

  • Geemarc CLA1
CLA1 User Guide
21st Jan, 2015 290KB
Vat Relief Declaration
10th Jun, 2011 45KB

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. please do call our expert customer service team for further advice.

VAT_Reclaim.gifThe CLA1 is an extra earpiece that attaches to certain Geemarc amplified phones. Ideal to use in an environment where you would wish for someone to be able to listen in on a phone call, and benefit from the amplification on the base phone.

Some people also may find it helpful to hold up the extra earpiece so that they can listen in stereo to a call; and get additional amplification to both ears instead of just one.

Compatible with the CL100, CL200+, CL400, CL455; CL600, CL1100, AMPLIPOWER40, AMPLIPOWER50.

Connecting it up is easy. Unplug the receiver from your telephone and connect the link box to the telephone (Square RJ11 receiver connection) then connect the telephone receiver into the link box and you are ready to go. When you receive a call, lift the handset from the cradle and speak. A second person can lift the earpiece and use it as a handset to listen to the conversation. Or you can put the earpiece to your other ear to improve your reception. At the end of the call simply replace the handset and the earpiece in their respective cradles.

You can also connect an additional headset to the CLA1 (not supplied).

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