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Geemarc CL7300 Wireless TV Listener

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. please do call our expert customer service team for further advice.

VAT_Reclaim.gifHear the television again with the CL7300 wireless listener! Just plug the base unit into the television and wear the headset all around the house. Press on the large, easily accessible buttons on front to adjust the volume: the CL7300´s 2.4GHz radio transmission will guarantee a flawless quality of sound. The added bonus? A SCART connection and external microphone (included in the box) mean that the sound from the TV is not cut off for the other members of the household: you can all listen together, each at your optimal volume level!

Geemarc CL7300 wireless TV listener Specification:

  • Amplification (up to 125dB)
  • Tone Control (low-medium-high)
  • Balance Control
  • Mono / Stereo setting
  • Ultra-light headset (45g)
  • Auto power-on when headset is worn
  • Plugs directly into the TV and transmits the sound wirelessly to the headset
  • 4 hour continuous listening time.
  • Recharges when placed back onto the transmitter.
  • Spare battery included.

Customer Reviews

  1. Our view:This stethoscope style unit has...

    by HearingDirect on 29/05/2014

    Our view:This stethoscope style unit has ear buds that sit in the ear and the body of the headset rests on the user’s chest. It uses the highest quality connection between the base unit plugged into the TV and the headset in the form of radio transmission. The result is a consistent, high quality sound that can be adjusted to suit in terms of volume, tone and balance between the left and right ears. It also has a handy extra battery which charges in the base unit while the other is in use in the headset. Simply switch between the two to ensure continuity of use with no charging downtime. The Cl7300 comes with a multitude of connection options and an external microphone which can be used instead of direct connection to the TV.
    Star Rating
  2. Although, initially though that the inst...

    by Richard Roberts on 08/01/2014

    Although, initially though that the instructions were not easy to follow, I had the set working at the first attempt. However, I found that I could not any sound from the right earphone but when I changed the setting from Mono to Stereo it worked fine.
    Star Rating
  3. I am severe to profoundly deaf. I have a...

    by Tony Hubball on 12/10/2012

    I am severe to profoundly deaf. I have a 40db loss starting on my lower tones, dropping down to over 100db on my high frequency tones. I can normally pick up about 20% of conversation on my TV and have to rely on subtitles. I was therefore doubtful as to whether this ampifier would help me. Setting up wasn't too bad. I think the small switch levers that adjust tone and balance are a bit fiddly, especially for someone with limited dexterity. Other than that the CL7300 is wonderful. I can now pick up about 80% of conversation, 95% if it is the news. Thats without my hearing aids. Volume wise, ther are 17 clicks on the volume control from top to bottom sound levels. I'm happy on 5 to 6 clicks. Anything higher is deafening for me, so theres loads of power. The up and down buttons are super, and also the auto on-off when you take the unit off. Great idea! Due to my high frequency hearing loss I could do with more high frequency response from the unit as the sound is still a bit basey. Other than that I'm not complaining. Thanks Geemarc for a great product. With the products you make it obvious you care for the people you help.
    Star Rating
  4. This was a Christmas present for my husb...

    by Mrs A Duffy on 18/01/2012

    This was a Christmas present for my husband and, because I ordered it not long before Christmas, I had doubts whether the once-reliable Royal Mail would bring it in time. I was wrong - and delighted to be wrong - it arrived in plenty of time. So 5 (excellent) for that. Secondly - we've had other aids for the deaf which brought new hope each time and ultimately disappointed us. So I had no idea whether or not this one would work. Initially, in trying to fix it up, there was a good deal of despair because it was so difficult and no matter what he did it didn't work. My husband was actually on the point of returning it to you when he discovered by accident that he had to press the AV button on the remote control. Since then he has been using it a lot and is really pleased. He told me ""That's the first time I've ever been able to hear the dialogue properly"". I think the lesson to be learned from this is that the set-up instructions are poor. Many of the potential users must be of my husband's generation (he is 80) and as untechnologically minded as he is (also, probably, as impatient as he is - if he'd bought it himself, rather than it being a present from me, it would probably have been on its way back to you within a week). The best way to test instructions is to give them to somebody like my husband. Even, perhaps, somebody a bit stupid (which my husband is not) - if they can set the aid up quickly and without tears then it can be assumed others will be able to do the same. It's a great pity that such a good product should be let down by something as simple as words on a page. So cannot give the product 5, despite its undoubted excellence, because of the bad instructions, but would still say 4 because it has turned out so well.
    Star Rating
  5. satisfaction level 5. Very rapid posta...

    by James Avery on 20/12/2011

    satisfaction level 5. Very rapid postal delivery. Unit easy to set up and use. Sound reproduction very clear
    Star Rating
  6. I have a very profound hearing loss and ...

    by lorraine jones on 12/10/2011

    I have a very profound hearing loss and did not expect to hear hardly anything with this tv listener as I would not be wearing hearing aids with it. What a wonderful suprise I had. I can hear everything and the clarity is excellent. I can highly recommend this product. Thankyou.
    Star Rating

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