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Geemarc CL1100 Amplified Desk Telephone

  • Geemarc CL1100 Amplified Desk Telephone
Vat Relief Declaration
10th Jun, 2011 45KB

VAT_Reclaim.gifThe CL1100 amplified phone is fully hearing aid compatible and offers a simple and easy to use keypad with great volume levels for voice and ringer. The amplified telephone has a receiving volume of up to 30dB making it easy to hear and adjustable tone control means you can adjust the pitch of the receiving sound to customise it to your hearing loss. Features also include visual ringer indicator, so you can see clearly that your phone is ringing, 9 direct memories, 3 emergency buttons and it is wall mountable. This telephone does not require a power adapter and is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Fully compatible with BT phone lines. BT_Logo.jpg

Hearing aid compatible for those hearing aid wearers using their ‘T’ setting.TCoil.jpg

  • Receiving volume gain +30dB
  • Receiving tone gain +/-10dB
  • Speech volume gain +/-4dB
  • Visual ringer indicator
  • Big button keypad
  • 12 Direct memories
  • Adjustable ringer level & tone
  • Last number redial
  • Time break recall & mute
  • Wall mountable
  • Hearing aid compatible

Customer Reviews

  1. I bought the CL1100 for my daughter as a...

    by Sue Cannon. on 23/04/2015

    I bought the CL1100 for my daughter as an Easter gift for my daughter Emma, who has been significantly deaf since birth. Before this she had another one (B.T.) which was more expensive and quite good but not a patch on the CL1100, which she is SO pleased with. It was easy to install and the amplification first class - really loud for her and and easily adjustable for other users of it. Emma has run her own highly successful boarding cattery business for the last 16 years and would be utterly lost without a good amplified 'phone. The first time she used the CL1100 was sheer joy, a picture. she is so pleased with it that I bought her another one as a spare just in case of accidents because for her that would be catastrophic. I would like to add that she has a brilliant hearing aid but finds when she has turned it to "T" (telephone) the would is distorted. By the time she has tried to adjust it callers often get fed-up and Emma is frustrated and embarrassed. We would both like to say a BIG thank you to the manufacturers of CL1100 and to Hearing Direct themselves. They have been friendly and clearly don't simply pay lip service to people with hearing losses of any type. they really care. It is awful to watch someone struggling to cope and be unable to help without making them feel silly. So again, THANK YOU.
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