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  • Obtaining a Hearing Aid For a Relative Abroad

    UK residents who are suffering from different types and levels of hearing impairment benefit greatly from the variety of quality products available on the UK market or the easy to follow procedures and governmental practices enabling them to get a free hearing aid. They can choose from an abundance of...
  • Why a Hearing Aid Makes Static Noise

    The main function of a hearing aid is to the help hard of hearing to improve their lives while allowing them to recognize and hear sounds and voices they were previously unable to due to their condition. Hearing aids use digital sound processing to reproduce sounds and deliver them to the ear as naturally as possible.

    However, sometimes the hearing aid picks up not only the sounds that the wearer wants to hear but noise and feedback that are unpleasant to the ear. Many modern hearing aids have multiple features for suppressing background noise and eliminating feedback. Occasionally though, we cannot prevent such noises or occur due to problems with the electronics, poor maintenance or signal intermittence. An example of such undesired noise is static noise.

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  • Where To Find Hearing Aid Advice

    Many people suffering from hearing loss and their friends and relatives sometimes find difficulty in obtaining enough relevant information about hearing impairment, types of hearing loss, hearing aids, assistive hearing devices, etc. It is very important for everyone who has some kind of a hearing problem to be well informed...
  • Hearing Aids For The Elderly

    Age-related hearing loss is one of the most common types of hearing loss in the western world. A person's hearing abilities can start to diminish early in life (between the age of 30 and 40).  It is usually a slow and constant process that might take a while for the...
  • Here We Go Loop The Loop

    Telecoil Logo On a fairly frequent basis, I am asked about hearing loops or telecoil settings either within a hearing aid or from a device that claims to connect with one. In many instances, customers are vaguely aware that the hearing aid they obtained from the NHS or bought privately...
  • Dispensing With Tradition

    HD 430 Digital Hearing Aid I had two interesting conversations with customers in the last few days which started me thinking about the variety of consultation approaches adopted by private hearing aid dispensers in the UK. Whilst there can be no doubt that there are some excellent dispensers providing good...
  • When Is A Hearing Aid Good Enough?

    "When Is A Hearing Aid Good Enough?" is a question I get asked a lot. When we originally set up HearingDirect.com one of the questions that was often asked of us and still is today, is how can your hearing aids be any good if they are so cheap?  It...

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