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  • Build Your Own Hearing Aid Maintenance Kit

    Phonak Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit Phonak Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit

    All hearing aids need maintaining, but how do you know where to start? In this blog post we give you advice on the vital pieces of kit you need to build your own hearing aid maintenance kit.

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  • What you need to know about Itchy Ears

    Itchy ears can be a general and ongoing, daily annoyance. Whether it be itchy ears from hearing aids, wax or blockage, then you are not alone.

    In this article, we share some considerations of what causes itchy ears, what you can do about it,  and when it is time to consult a medical professional.

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  • How to Pop your Ears Safely and other Ear Popping problems

    How to pop your ears safely without causing ear popping problems.

    We have probably all experienced that uncomfortable sensation of pressure in our ears when we change altitude. Your ears popping by themselves can be uncomfortable. But by popping your ears gradually yourself, you can prevent problems with ear pressure before it results in any pain. In this blog post we’ll tell you how to pop your ears safely.

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  • 8 Causes of Ringing in the Ears

    What Causes Ringing in the Ears Ringing in the ears or tinnitus is one of the most annoying problems you can get with your hearing. Sometimes the ringing is constant and goes on for hours and other times it comes and goes. The ringing can be temporary or become permanent...
  • How Much does a Hearing Aid Cost?

    It’s easy to imagine paying an awfully large sum of money for a hearing aid, especially for some of the more hi-tech hearing aids on the market. The cost you imagine can easily deter you from buying one, whether new or a replacement when your current one is getting old and no longer functioning correctly.

    But don’t despair! In this blog post, we’ll give you some idea of the cost of hearing aids. You might be surprised at the low prices you can find.

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  • What is the NHS AQP Scheme?

    The NHS AQP stands for Any Qualified Provider Scheme. It is where, after a GP refers a patient, they can choose from a list of qualified providers who meet NHS service quality requirements, prices and normal contractual obligations.

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  • NHS Hearing Aids Cost

    How much do NHS Hearing Aids Cost?

    NHS Hearing Aids cost nothing, they are completely free. The only costs involved will be the cost of travelling to your GP and the audiology department at your local hospital for appointments.

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  • 5 Reasons to Use a Storage Case for your hearing aid

    Amplicomms DB130 Mini Portable Storage Case Amplicomms DB130 Mini Portable Storage Case

    To get the best out of your hearing aids and to make them last for the longest possible time they should be stored properly. No matter the brand, style or how much you have paid for your aid, all hearing aids are at risk from various types of damage, which can easily occur if they’re improperly stored. Lire la suite

  • Comparing Easily Accessible Hearing Aids

    It's only natural to want our shopping to be easy. There are easily accessible hearing aids ready to buy. Two very popular American retailers that sell hearing aids direct to the consumer are Costco and Walmart.

    Both stores are popular outlets for buying hearing aids and Personal Sound Amplification Products. Both offer Americans the chance to explore a range of devices, much as we do. But how do they compare to Hearing Direct and how do we compare on price?

    In this blog post, we will compare their hearing aids against our very own brand of Hearing Direct devices.

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  • 5 tips for keeping your hearing aid safe in cold weather

    Very low temperatures below 0°C can affect both hearing aid batteries, and damage the hearing aid itself. How cold is it outside? Will you be shovelling your driveway? Low temperatures and snow can affect hearing aids. So ask yourself: If the car is iced over and the snow is falling...

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