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Hearing Aid Battery Sizes Explained

Hearing aid batteries come in a selection of common sizes. With a limited choice of cell size, it's likely your device will require one of four key sizes.

Let us guide you through the most popular hearing aid battery sizes, and explain which cells are compatible with which types of hearing aids.

Which Hearing Aid Battery Sizes Are Available?

Hearing aid batteries come from a range of manufacturers, including leading brands such as Rayovac, Power One, Duracell, and more.

Whatever the manufacturer you choose, the hearing aid battery size and color label will stay the same, acting as a global index making it easier for the wearer to identify which is which.

hearing aid battery sizes

The required battery size will depend on your digital hearing aid model. Therefore, this will also impact cell life.

How Long Does Each Hearing Aid Battery Size Last? 

Hearing aid battery life is very much down to your actual device.

Your digital hearing aid has the potential to be one of many types and host umpteen different features. As a result, different sized batteries are required to properly power the device to ensure it functions as it should. Ultimately, this affects how long they last and how often you will need to purchase new cells.

For example, our HD 91, 151, 230, require size 10 batteries with an estimated 70 hours of cell life. In comparison, our HD 420 digital hearing aid requires a 312 battery with an estimated 185 hours of cell life.

Overall, it can be said that smaller devices such as ITE hearing aids require smaller batteries which offer a short lifespan compared to larger BTE device which uses larger cells.

Which Hearing Aid Battery Size Do I Need?

When you buy a hearing aid, it is likely you may receive a pack of free batteries with it (or at least you do when you buy from us!). Also, it will be clearly indicated to which type and size of batteries which are compatible with your device.

Your device can only carry one size. Hearing aid battery sizes are fundamental to the design, shape, and size of your device.

  • Hearing aid batteries size 10 are considered the smallest and therefore are commonly used in small hearing aids of the CIC, ITC and ITE models.
  • Size 13 batteries tend to offer better longevity depending on the hearing aid.
  • Hearing aid batteries size 312 are newer compared to the earlier two and tend to be used for BTE hearing aids.
  • Size 675 cells are the biggest in terms of their size and tend to power the bigger hearing aids and cochlear implant aids.

Again, the above will all influence the battery life which impacts how much you end up spending on batteries.

Hearing Direct Hearing Aid Battery Range

At Hearing Direct, you will find an assortment of hearing aid batteries to fit a variety of devices including our own hearing aids as well as branded models.

We supply cells which offer a balance of premium quality and price including reputable brands such as:

Alternatively, our hearing aid batteries reviews may help shed more light on which cells to opt for.

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