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  • Driving With Hearing Loss

    Image of road through hills with text - Driving with Hearing Loss - is it a problem?Can deaf people drive and does hearing loss make a difference? It is a common misconception that the hearing impaired cannot drive. But, the hard of hearing and deaf can safely and legally drive all over the world. Lire la suite

  • Which are the 10 Most Annoying Sounds?

    Which are the 10 most annoying sounds that we come across in everyday life and can we do anything about them? Learn more...

    We experience all sorts of noises throughout the day but there are some most people really cannot stand, and even worse, there's many that could harm your hearing. Read on for the 10 most annoying sounds.
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  • Quelles Sont Les Meilleures Piles Auditives?

    Les piles auditives sont un élément essentiel de votre aide auditive puisqu’elles sont le moteur qui fait fonctionner votre appareil.

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  • Les Meilleurs Téléphones Pour Les Malentendants

    Téléphones pour les malentendants facilitent les échanges et la communication aussi bien pour les personnes souffrant d’une perte d’audition et les personnes âgées. Nous proposons toute une gamme de téléphones extra forts, qu’ils soient filaires, sans fil, portables ou smartphones.

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  • 5 Reasons to Test your Hearing

    Image of the hearing test starting screenYou can test your hearing with our free online hearing test. It is so simple, only takes a few minutes, and you will get your results instantly.

    The hearing test can help catch a possible onset of hearing loss and your results will indicate if you should take further action to help prevent the loss of hearing.

    Read on to see our top 5 reasons to why you should test your hearing.

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  • Why Amplified Speakerphones

    Video Transcript For The Hard Of Hearing: This is a brief video to talk about an interesting area that we get a lot of questions about here at Hearing Direct. Before somebody starts to experience any degree of hearing loss we've all been very used to our lives using some...
  • Why Are Hearing Aids So Difficult To Compare?

    You may count yourself amongst many who find learning to live with a hearing loss a difficult hurdle to overcome. Thanks to continued technological advancement, there are now numerous ways to help compensate for this loss and many devices available to connect you successfully to the hearing world. When you...
  • The Challenges Of Hearing Loss and Learning Disabilities

    Hearing gives people the opportunity to recognise voices and alerts, imitate sounds, develop social skills and orientate in their surroundings. The ability to hear is also an important factor in the learning process. Learning consists of many steps including: Gathering information Accurately processing that information Comparing this information to previously...
  • The Effect Of Unmanaged Hearing Loss On Work Productivity

    These days it is common for employers to encounter rapidly increasing rates of hearing loss inside the workplace especially where constant noise is present. Evidence shows that hearing has a significant impact on employees’ productivity and hearing loss becomes more and more frequent. Therefore, it is vital for employers to...
  • Bringing Up The Topic Of Hearing Loss With An Elderly Parent

    Hearing loss in elderly people happens in both ears and affects many over 60 years of age, which makes it the most common condition to affect those over 65. If your elderly parents have hearing loss and it's affecting their social life, then how do you talk about it with...

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