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Hearing Loss

  • Is Fine Dining In A Noisy Restaurant Damaging Your Hearing?

    According to an ITV news article, more people are opting for a takeaway meal rather than face eating out in a noisy restaurant.

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  • Driving With Hearing Loss

    Image of road through hills with text - Driving with Hearing Loss - is it a problem?Can deaf people drive and does hearing loss make a difference? It is a common misconception that the hearing impaired cannot drive. But, the hard of hearing and deaf can safely and legally drive all over the world. Lire la suite

  • Flying with Hearing Aids is easy

    Flying with hearing aids or using them on flights is simpler than you may imagine.

    People generally worry about travelling with hearing aids and 'Can I use hearing aids on an airplane?' is a common question. In this blog post, we discuss all the key steps to keep you informed for the next time you fly away.

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  • Meniere's Disease: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

    Meniere's disease is a rare condition that affects the inner ear. As a result of the condition, hearing loss and tinnitus may become more progressive and ultimately become permanent.

    In this guide we will cover:

    • What is Meniere's disease?
    • Meniere's disease symptoms
    • What causes Meniere's disease?
    • Meniere's disease treatment

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  • What is Sudden Hearing Loss

    Sudden hearing loss accounts for about 1% of the overall number of sensorineural hearing loss cases. Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss can occur at any point in anyone's lifetime. It can be a serious condition and you should seek medical attention immediately if you suddenly lose your hearing in one ear.

    We guide you through the causes, symptoms, and give advice on how to properly manage the condition if it's untreatable.

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  • A Guide to Different Types of Hearing Loss

    There are three main different types of hearing loss: sensorineural, conductive and mixed hearing loss. Additionally, there are also different types defining the severity of the hearing loss varying from Mild to Profound hearing loss.

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  • How To Support Someone With Hearing Aids

    Hearing loss can go undetected for years. It can be so gradual that the person suffering from it barely notices the decline. Often, it becomes more noticeable to family and friends. Certain give away signs include:

    • The TV volume always seeming to be abnormally loud.
    • You have to regularly repeat what’s being said.
    • the person doesn't respond unless they are facing you.
    • You’re accused of mumbling and asked to speak up.
    • Storylines aren’t followed in the cinema or at the theatre.
    • the person may start avoiding socialising in noisy environments.

    If this is the case, there may well be a hearing loss issue that needs addressing. In an era where hearing technology has become more and more sophisticated, connecting up to the hearing world can be a life enhancing experience.

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  • Choosing A Hearing Aid

    The first action that should be taken before choosing a hearing aid is to go through an initial hearing test conducted by a specialist. While online hearing tests may provide some basic information about a possibility of a hearing impairment, a professional medical exam by an audiologist is strongly advised...

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