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  • Loud Alarm Clock: How Loud Is It Really?

    Loud alarm clocks are favored by the hard of hearing and by the hard to wake up. In today’s rat race of life punctuality is a must and without it one may find it hard to keep a job or even a dinner date! A loud alarm clock enables its...
  • Hearing Loss In Young People

    Hearing loss is a common condition in the western world, and the UK is no exception. Over 9 million people are thought to suffer from some degree of hearing loss. According the RNID (The Royal National Institute for Deaf People) out of the UK’s 9 million hard of hearing, the...
  • Phones For The Elderly

    ‘My dad is getting on a bit, and we rely on the phone to make sure he is ok, but he is struggling to hear me. He won’t get a hearing aid, and I cant go on “speaking up” down the line, so I’m looking for some help with what...
  • Useful Very Loud Mobile Phones

    On the whole my life is fairly good and in spite of my advancing years I have few causes to grumble.  Socially it’s not perfect - two teenage children and a hostile ex-wife ensure that.  Money is tight but there are definitely those worse off than me and to the...

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