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  1. Siemens Standard Power S Receiver Unit
  2. Siemens miniReceiver 2.0
  3. Siemens Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 x 60.jpg

    Siemens Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 Pack of 60

    Regular Price: 32,90 €

    Special Price 22,99 €

  4. Siemens Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13.jpg
  5. Siemens Cleaning Wire Pack of 5
  6. Siemens Click Dome Semi Open
  7. Siemens Active Double Domes For Receiver Tubes
  8. Siemens Semi-Open Domes

25-32 of 32

Siemens hearing aids and Siemens hearing aid accessories are top quality hearing devices and instruments for the hard of hearing. HearingDirect house an expansive array ofSiemens hearing aids as well as a wide range of Siemens hearing aid accessories, including hearing aid batteries, tubes, domes and wax guards.

Siemens hearing aids are recognised a market leading hearing devices and their hearing aid accessories are reliable and the global brand has a worldwide reputation for providing trusted and high-quality products to assist the hearing impaired. Siemens hearing aid batteries offer consistent performance and good battery life, their wax guards provide great protection and Siemens hearing aid domes add extra comfort.

Siemens is one of the most reputable hearing aid brands due to its plentiful production of hearing instruments, electronics, and thousands of other household devices. Siemens is considered one of the big six hearing aid manufacturers and claim to be “the world’s largest maker of hearing systems”.

At HearingDirect, we only stock quality brands that we trust. Siemens hearing aids and accessories can seriously help improve the qualify of life for hearing loss sufferers.

If you have any questions, please do contact us and our expert team will do their best to assist.