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Not the same as viagra but just as good...

The device I got from you is par excellence and the service I received from you was above and beyond the call of duty. No-one could ask for more from a company, furthermore, the device is comfortable to wear, small and almost invisible to the naked eye, it has made a tremendous and beneficial impact on my life. I hadn't realised I was missing so much, you have opened up a whole new world to me, God Bless you all.

B. Matthews

A sincere testimonial of greatness and gratitude

"a sincere thanks for your magnificent product!! I ordered the basic hearing aid for my left ear. I have been wearing Opticon hearing aid for 8 years but the one for my left ear packed up, Hence my order for your hearing aid for my left ear. It arrived this moirnig; I put in a battery and placed it in my ear. The result was immediate and terrific. I am now listening to French television and understanding every word. As soon as my right ear aid packs up I shall be ordering a new one form your Company. A sincere testimonial of greatness and gratitude."

A. Brown

very very good hearing aid for an excellent price

"Just to let you know before I bought your hearing aid I purchased one from another company and to put it mildly it was a load of utter rubbish. I was fortunate enough to find your company on the INTERNET and it does exactly what you advertise it would do, very very good hearing aid for an excellent price I cannot praise it highly enough I think there is a message here don't you go to the experts. Well done you for a hearing aid that works and very truthful about the advertising."

N. Reed

I wholeheartedly recommend Hearing Direct

"I am so delighted with my HD210 and Hearing Direct. I have had two CICs for two years and they have been a nightmare. The feedback is terrible and, with each tuning, got worse. My one HD 210 is perfect. I hear natural sounds with natural amplification and absolutely no feedback. It is perfect for conversations and TV in the home and for my keep fit class in a hall where I can hear the teacher and the music. It is so comfortable I cannot feel it is there, even wearing glasses. The size is unbelievably small, as is the price! The service is unbelievably big! My pack contained what I would call "extras" for no additional cost. It is perfect when using the phone. Joan has been very helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend Hearing Direct. Thank you for supplying a hearing aid which is a pleasure to use. The score is most definitely 5."

Thank you once again!"

C. Wainman

I have re-engaged my life

"I knew I had been suffering a hearing problem for some time. I just couldn't bring myself to go to a high street shop, as it seemed to be an admission of getting older. Thank God for www.hearingdirect.com.

Not only was the whole process simple, and discreet, but at a fraction of the cost of what I had been told I would need to spend.

Best of all, I can chat to my children and granchildren again without pretending I am hearing them. I have re-engaged with life. Thank you HearingDirect."

Y. Kilmacolm

Head no longer in a bucket

Hello Stuart, Very pleased with new aids, very comfortable, hear well and head no longer in a bucket the first time for years. Many thanks,

B. Brown

I am extremely pleased with the device...

Hello Joan I took receipt of my HD350 this morning and felt I should email you to thank Hearing Direct for the speedy and efficient service. Having already read through the user guide downloaded from the web site I found the preparation and fitting of my new aid was extremely quick and I was "up and running" within minutes.

This is my first experience of using a hearing aid, I am 54, having been told by an NHS consultant that my hearing was degraded but not sufficient to warrant an NHS device. I feel I will need aids in both ears but wanted to trial with one first to see how I get on. I am extremely pleased with the device, it was immediately light and comfortable when inserted and I noticed straight away the sharpness had returned to what I was hearing, I am more aware of my laptop key clicks! I am trialling the volume settings and seem to be settling on level 2 which means I don't think I will require the more powerful model available. The size 1 tubing and size 7 dome also seem to fit very comfortably.

I know I will be ordering a second HD350 for my left ear very soon. Thanks again.

R. Woodward

I can't tell you how pleased I am...

Joan, Thank you ever-so-much! I can't tell you how pleased I am. I must say hearing direct has been a delight to deal with. I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone that will listen. All the best and thank you again.

B. Poole

I have stopped asking him to repeat everything

Dear Joan, I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the HD300. It is very neat and just what I needed. My son has noticed a big difference in how I have stopped asking him to repeat everything. Thank you so much.

E. Denning

Now have the TV on with out having to put Subtitles on

Dear Hearing Direct, I would like to tell you how pleased I am with my hearing aids I have had a hearing loss of 50=50 since birth, I saw your webpage and purchased one for each ear. I was frightened at first to wear them but since I have been wearing them I have heard things I don't understand so I ask family and friends to help and tell me what it is I am hearing. I can now have the TV on with out having to put Subtitles on, these hearing aids have given me a new lease of life and the price is very good compared to some I have seen so thank you very much for all your help I am one happy lady.

I. King

I am so pleased to have found Hearing Direct

Dear Joan, Just wanted to say how very much I appreciate the wonderful service I received from Hearing Direct and from you in particular. Your patience in explaining the various options open to my husband and then allowing us to try them out was invaluable. He felt a little bit less scared facing up to his hearing loss in no small measure thanks to being able to understand and then try out different options without spending more than we could afford. I am so pleased to have found Hearing Direct. We have been telling everyone who will listen (especially if they cannot hear too well!)

M. Lillis