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Telephone Amplifiers

6 Item(s)

  1. Amplicomms Ringflash 200 Phone Call and Doorbell Ring Amplifier
  2. Amplicomms Ringflash 250 Phone Call and Doorbell Ring Amplifier
  3. Geemarc CL2 Door Bell and Telephone Alert
  4. Geemarc CL11 Telephone Ringer Amplifier
  5. Amplicomms Ringflash 100 Phone Call Ring Amplifier
  6. Amplicomms TA 10 Phone Amplifier

6 Item(s)

Telephone Amplifiers help by boosting the loudness of a standard telephone. Our range of phone amplifiers includes conventional amplifiers to increase listening volume, ring amplifiers and audible ring alerts. We stock only products dedicated to supporting the hard of hearing users.