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Earigate Unplugged Ear Wax Removal

This product is currently out of stock, Please call us to enquire on availability

Earigate Unplugged is an earwax removal system that safely dissolves stubborn waxy plugs from within the ear canal. Made up of natural seawater and other essential ingredients, Earigate Unplugged is applied using an advanced forward spray action. This delivers the solution safely and comfortably into the ear, where it helps to work the blockage loose from the ear canal.

How to use it?

  • Shake the bottle before use
  • Remove transparent cap and be careful not to remove or cut the green tip
  • Place the green tip gently into the ear
  • Lightly press the nozzle for less than one second to spray the solution along the ear canal
  • Wait for 5-10 seconds for the earwax to react to the solution before spraying a second time to rinse
  • After use, remember to cleanse the tip with warm, soapy water before rinsing
  • If you have an earwax blockage, use three times a day for five days

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